How to Volunteer at a Hospital

Many individuals choose to volunteer at a hospital so as to be of some help to people. This CareerStint article shares some insights on the same.
CareerStint Staff
Hospital volunteers work without any pay in different healthcare settings, under the supervision of a nurse. They are usually trained at specialized non-profit organizations that provide training and supervision. There are various roles that one would have to play. This job may either include working with the hospital staff, or dealing with the patients. These individuals often look after those patients whose family members are unavailable. The working hours are non-restricted. If you wish to do something similar, here's what you should know.
Why to Volunteer?
» Social Service
Many people volunteer so that they can give back to society. As you know, these are unpaid workers. However, their ultimate goal is to get job satisfaction by serving patients selflessly to improve their life. Medicine is a noble profession, and what can be more gratifying than contributing to this profession in some way! Such kind of social and humanitarian service is sure to make you feel good about yourself.
» Learning Experience
A lot of youngsters opt for volunteering to gain a rich working and learning experience. They get a chance to work under knowledgeable and experienced professionals, and also get an opportunity to carry out different types of jobs in healthcare facilities. This adds to their knowledge and learning experience. There are many jobs for high school students, that help them find their interests while exploring different medical streams.
» Resume Building
Many aspiring professionals or freshers who wish to have a strong resume, also choose to volunteer. Because, experience in the relevant medical jobs is valued just as much as a paid job. Hence, many students opt for this work to develop their skills and attitudes. It can also help one avail some scholarships and higher education opportunities.
Apart from this, few people do this job, because they are passionate, or want to spend time doing something constructive. Whatever maybe the reason, one thing is sure that these individuals need to be serious about their work, and perform all the assigned duties like any other paid employee.
A Few Tips
  • Make a list of all the hospitals in your local area, your city, or any location where you wish to work.
  • You can take the help of Google search, or phone books to get the names and addresses.
  • You can select a place where you can travel on a daily basis. Also let the interest be a criterion for prioritizing.
  • Now, instead of shortlisting, it is advisable to call all the hospitals, and inquire if they need any volunteer service.
  • Tell them about your interest areas, your age, the type of work you expect, etc. This would help the staff assign you the right and relevant tasks.
  • Once they return your calls, decide which hospital you wish to join as per your preferences.
  • You also must complete all the paperwork within a given time limit. You may also have to undergo some screenings and training programs, generally offered by the hospital, before you join.
  • You also have to present some crucial documents (including criminal records) and applications for volunteering.
  • Once you are selected, you need to complete orientation and training sessions as per the work you have opted for.
  • Make sure to get an assignment from the office after completing the training sessions.
Remember, though you are not paid, it's a job that must be performed with dedication and honesty. Share this information with your friends and family members, so that they can also be a part of a noble cause.