How to Join a Private Military Company

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How to Join a Private Military Company

Private military companies may look like a great employment option to people interested in combating. Here are some tips on joining a private military company.

The practice of hiring mercenaries for battles is ancient. Private military companies can be considered as modern-day mercenary organizations. These companies provide military and security assistance to various government and non-government organizations. They may also provide their own troops for organizing and assisting military force of nation. The training and expertise required to get into this field are similar to those required for joining armed forces, police department or similar law enforcement agencies.

Role of Private Military Companies

These are essentially security force providers. They train their staff and assign them missions. These mostly involve assisting government and non-government agencies in combat operations. They may also guard government or private properties in hostile territories.

In certain circumstances, they may provide protection to important public figures. Their employees are equipped to fight battles just like military soldiers. Private military companies provide the same training to their employees like any other national security force, only on a much smaller scale. In short, these companies are small scale armed forces that undertake missions on a contract basis.

How to Join a Private Military Company?

Although joining a military force and serving the nation might be a better option, some people may think that employment benefits of private military firms outweigh those of government agencies. Many young people have illusions that private military companies employ freshers, who have no experience in this field.

However, one must understand that such companies are small organizations, hence cannot afford the cost of imparting basic training to their employees. They demand extensive experience from candidates so that they can be directly trained for operations. Thus, gathering requisite skills and expertise should be your first priority while entering this field. Here is how you can go about it.

Join a Military/ Security Organization

Freshers are welcome in military and other government agencies. Some government or non-government security organizations may also employ freshers if they fulfill security guard requirements. After gaining enough experience in these organizations and proving your mettle, you can then proceed to the next level. Remember, an experience with a military organization adds a lot of weight to your resume.

Gather Skills

After you have garnered the required experience, it is time to hone your combating skills. Enroll yourself at any of the tactical operation camps for hands-on training in combating techniques. There are numerous tactical operation camps, which impart training to civilians as well as veterans.

Apart from combat training, you will also need other personal skills which can give you an edge over your peers. One of these skills include updating your knowledge on current global affairs. You can take an academic course which acclimatizes you to the current ‘war climate’. Learning a foreign language could also prove to be a bonus.

Apply for the Relevant Post

Recruitment at private military companies takes place in pretty much the same way as other corporations. However, these companies also rely heavily on word of mouth, in their network. Hence, make sure you market yourself aggressively in the relevant circuit. Besides, you can also take the traditional route of applying and sending your resume.

Visit the company website to understand better about their functioning. Apply for a relevant position and mail your resume with appropriate details. You may contact the human resources department of the company and inquire about employment. Prepare yourself for the interview if you receive a positive reply.

List of Private Military Companies

For your reference, we are providing a directory of private military companies in the US.

  • Airborne Tactical Advantage Company
  • AirScan
  • AKE Group
  • ArmorGroup International
  • Background Asia Risk Solutions
  • Beni Tal
  • Blackwater Worldwide (formerly Blackwater USA and now Xe Services)
  • ChaseWaterford Special Projects
  • Chilport
  • Cubic Defense Applications
  • DynCorp International
  • E.C.A.
  • EOD Technology
  • Erinys International
  • Global Strategies Group
  • Golan
  • Groupe EHC
  • Groupe GEOS
  • Gryphon Group
  • Security Solutions
  • Gurkha International Group of Companies
  • International Charter Incorporated of Oregon
  • International Security & Defence Systems
  • International Peace Operations Association
  • Meyer & Associates
  • Minimal Risk
  • MPRI
  • MVM
  • Northbridge Services Group
  • Olive Security
  • Overwatch Protection Solutions International
  • Pacific Architects & Engineers
  • Pilgrim Elite
  • Pistris
  • Private Security Company Association of Iraq (PSCAI)
  • REDfour
  • Ronco Consulting Corporation
  • Sandline International
  • Top Aces
  • Trojan Securities International
  • Triple Canopy
  • Universal Guardian Holdings
  • Vinnell Corporation

Remember, gaining an entry into private military companies is not easy. Hence, do not lose hope if you are confronted with a few rejections. All the Best!

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