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How to Improve Teamwork

Working in teams always gives better results than working individually, as observed by various organizations. Employees are expected to work in groups to complete various projects and achieve the set targets. The team has to be good and capable; many factors contribute to its smooth and efficient functioning. If a team does not show the desired results, one has to help improve teamwork.

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Ideas for Improving Teamwork

Pre-planning of Goals and Objectives

Pre-planning of Goals and Objectives

~ Team members comprise different people who are expected to work together to attain certain objectives. ~ When a team is formed, members are explained about the goals and objectives and the time period required to achieve them.
~ Every member is responsible to come together and plan out a way that would lead them to their target successfully.

Appointing a Team Leader

Appointing Team Leader

~ A team leader’s duty is to encourage and lead the team members to do quality work and achieve the set target.
~ A leader has to understand that all team members have different personalities and attitudes, and while working in a team, there could be a clash of opinions, leading to internal conflicts.
~ It is, therefore, his responsibility to resolve or at least minimize such conflicts.

Ensuring Free Flow of Speech

Ensuring Free Flow of Communication

~ The most essential factor for the success of a team is communication.
~ Ideally, the team leader is the decision-maker, but it is important that he hears out other opinions too.
~ A good team leader is one who encourages members to participate in discussions, provide ideas, and then collectively find a way to reach their goal.

~ Regular meetings should be organized to review the development of the project and to record the contribution of each member.
~ This will help in boosting the morale of the team members and make them understand their progress at work.

Maintaining Cordial Relationships Between Team Members

Maintaining Cordial Relationship between Team Members

~ Teamwork involves interaction between individuals, therefore, it is beneficial if the members know each other well.
~ It is quite common for team members to have issues with eachother.
~ However, every individual should understand that they are professionals, and to achieve success, they need to bury their personal hatchets.

~ Employees should realize that their contribution is necessary for the progress of the project and that the success achieved would be the result of a collective endeavor, and not an individual one.
~ It would also be great if the team members could be able to interact outside the work place to know each other more. This would help in increasing a sense of togetherness at work, thus improving teamwork.

No Intragroup Competition

No Intragroup Competition

~ Competition is important for an individual’s growth.
~ However, unhealthy competition among group members can hinder team spirit.
~ One should understand that each person has his/her own strengths and weaknesses.
~ Rather than competing with each other, one should learn from the others and improve one’s performance.

These factors will help in creating a cordial environment at work, as well as increase the quality of work. If a team is not performing well, one should try to understand its causes and try to make changes to bring about improvement. When members in a team work together with a common goal in mind, success is sure to come.

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