How to Get a Security Guard License

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How to Get a Security Guard License

People who want to start their career as a security guard will find this article on how to get a security guard license very helpful. Learn what are the procedures to get a valid license for becoming a security guard…

Being a security guard is a job which can probably be handled effectively by a person who feels responsible for people around him/her. It is also a good career move, as the job of a security guard holds lot of importance in an organization, and it also provides decent monetary gains. A security guard or a security officer is someone who is paid to protect assets, people and sometimes properties. Most security officers have their own code of dressing; this might be a uniform or a formal black color suit. The practice of hiring a security guard for protection is traditional and decades ago in the UK, a security guard was referred as a watchman. This term was then carried over to America and the term security guard or officer originated.

How to Obtain a Security Guard License

Today providing security to the rich and famous, senators, CEO’s and in some instances even an average man has become a big business. Normally, security guards work for personal or Federal agencies. They are not cops but they do have some authority to enforce certain laws of the constitution. To become a security guard, one must possess optimum health and also have the required qualification. However, some states in the United States provide a valid license before the individual can start working for a security agency. Let’s understand how to get a security guard license.

The terms and conditions of getting a security license will differ from state to state, and to get a valid license the applicant has to accept all these terms and conditions. The applicant should be well versed with the various terms and conditions of his/her state. This information can be easily searched on the Internet with the help of the various search engines, or the applicant can also check out the various security rules of the state in which he/she wants to work. For doubts regarding the procedure, the applicants can get in touch with the State Agency.

Every state has its own set of requirements. The governing body will first have a look at the applicant’s age which should be above 18 years and he/she should be a legal resident of the United States. There is no set criteria regarding the education but applicants who have a degree in criminal justice or have done a diploma in criminology have a much better chance of getting a license. A personal background criminal check and drug test will be carried out. A security guard license will not be provided to a person who has a history of violence and drug abuse. The application for getting a valid security guard license undergoes a process that can take days to get passed. The application fee ranges from $51 to $75 and the status of the application can be checked online.

There are two types of security guard license that applicants can apply for; Armed and Unarmed. Again it is essential that the applicant checks which kind of security guard license he/she wants. The armed one requires much more training and its fees is more than the unarmed one. Once the applicant has obtained an approval from the governing body, he/she can start looking for various jobs. Here is a fact, the starting pay of a security guard armed or unarmed is not that great but it will definitely rise with time. With the right attitude and work ethic the chances of getting promoted to the management level are high.

Some states also require applicants to pass a state examination. After that applicant receives the security license provided by the state, he/she can start working for a security agency. Before accepting any offer from the company, it is necessary to understand all the details about the job and its entailing duties.

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