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How to End a Job Interview

How to End a Job Interview

How to end a job interview? This question has surely bothered job seekers since decades. There's not a single perfect way to end a job interview, the ending usually depends on how well you've interacted with the judging panel. This article enlists some tips on how to do the ending part perfectly...
Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
So you've finally decided what you want to be, your career opportunity is right in front of you and welcoming you with open arms. You have all the qualifications and skills in the world and you know that no one deserves that job more than you. But there's one problem, you have to convince the judging panel that you are the best choice for this job. They should believe that they are making the right decision by selecting you for their company. The interview is probably the hardest part for any potential employee. Millions of talented candidates lose out on jobs not because they lack academic skills, but because they lack interview skills. Understand one thing, the interview is the only time you have to convince the employers that you are well suited for this job. You have to make sure you crack it and impress them. There shouldn't be a slightest doubt in their mind while selecting you. To make sure you get through, you should not only begin your interview with a positive note but also end the interview with one.

Most people prepare a brilliant introduction and most of them also fare well in the questions and tests but its only in the end that they screw up and lose the chance. Well I hope you wouldn't want that for yourself. Remember the final stage of the interview is very critical, you should leave the interviewer with the impression that you are the right candidate for this job opportunity.

What to Say at the End of a Job Interview

While sitting for an interview you have one goal in your mind and that is convincing the interviewer that you are the right choice and no other candidate measures up. Well, your personality, your knowledge, and your academics will take you far in the interview rounds but how you end your job interview will seal the deal for good.

Ask Important Questions
It is necessary that you ask important questions at the end. In the end, every interviewer asks the candidate to clear his doubts regarding the job profile and the company. This is the time when you should ask questions. Make sure you sound exciting while asking questions, but don't go overboard with the excitement. It is important that you ask questions as it shows your interest in the company and the job profile.

Use Positive Sentences
Once you've asked all your questions, the interviewer will probably say "If you have nothing else, that will be all." Reply with "Thank you for your time". This short yet impressive statement is a positive closing in your interview. This shows the interviewer that you do value the time that he/she has given for your questions.

Be in Touch
If your interview is a three round process make sure you remain in touch with the interviewer. Get all the names and titles of all the people on the judging panel and get information out of everyone you've met. You never know who might give you a call for the next round.

Never Ask About the Pay Package
Yes, we all work for the money but never ask about the salary at the end of the interview. Even if you want to ask about the salary package, ask the money question when you are asking different questions regarding the job.

Be Clear in what you Expect
Honesty is still the best policy. Be frank about your expectations from the company and be a little enthusiastic. This seems pretty obvious but many times, people forget to follow this obvious step. Let them know your talents and at the same time let them know how beneficial will you be for the company. After the interview, you can show your appreciation by sending them a thank you letter.

I hope these points will help you know how to end a job interview on a positive note. The best way to end your interview is to have a positive attitude that is combined with confidence and a genuine smile. And remember, the last part is as important as the first part of the interview.
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