How to Decline a Job Offer

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How to Decline a Job Offer

You got a job in a company, but due to some reasons you’re forced to decline the offer. If that is the case, you need to do it politely. Here is some help…

It may happen that in your professional career, you may have to decline a job offer. You might have prepared for the job opening, taken an aptitude test, appeared for the interview, and finally proved to your employer that you are different than other candidates, and they finally selected you. But now you have got a better offer, or may be you have to refuse the job due to some other reason.

Declining a job offer is a step that must solely be your decision. Since your employer has spent considerable time reviewing you as a potential candidate and finally selected you, you have to be thoughtful while rejecting the job. It is an integral part of business communication in the professional work area. How this can be done politely and professionally has been dealt with in the following sections.

Useful Tips

It is obvious that you simply can’t decline the job offer without informing your employer, as it is a poor display of professionalism. You must ensure that you’re able to contact the recruiters through professional methods like a letter and mention that you are not accepting the position. All this must be done politely. This is essential because you won’t win anything by being impolite, or showing poor professional behavior. You never know, in future, if you may have to return to the employer and face the same people in an interview. Two other pointers that must be taken care of, while willingly not accepting the job are that you must respond timely when you make a decision of declining the job offer. Your consideration, politeness and the willingness to convey your rejection message to the hiring managers will save their time and help them to look out for some other candidate. It is a sign of professionalism to inform your prospective employer, if you’re rejecting their job offer. To inform your decision over the phone, you must understand that there are no hard and fast rules on conveying your message.

Sample Letter

‘Declining a job offer letter’ or job rejection letter is an ideal way to convey your message to the employer. You are not required to specifically mention the reason, as to why you’re leaving. You can just mention that you got another job or some family priorities are stopping you from taking the job. It is fair enough not to give the exact reason because your employer isn’t interested in it, anyway. He will appreciate that at least, you cared to inform them that you’re not accepting the job offer.

Peter Matthews
65, Ontario Street
Oilfield, CA 7475505
(757) 65665

Joseph Nan
969, Business Street
Modial, CA, 599
(856) 6565

Date: 01/06/2011

Dear Mr. Peter.

I thank you for offering me the position of marketing manager with the Oilfield industries and I’m proud to be selected among thousands of candidates interviewed for this prestigious position. It was a difficult decision to make and I thought over it for a long time, but, I have to inform you that I have accepted a position with another company due to some changed priorities in my personal life.

I sincerely appreciate that you took the time to interview me, and for sharing information about the opportunity to work with you. I’m once again thankful to you, for the consideration.


Joseph Nan

You need to write the letter by focusing on your own situation. Letter writing skills like drafting and writing the letter properly are important before you send a finally copy of the letter. So follow these tips and sincerely express your thanks to the employer who invested time and energy in recruiting you, and at the same time, inform him that you’re not accepting the offer.

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