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How to Become a Quality Control Manager

How to Become a Quality Control Manager

Becoming a well-paid quality control manager is primarily based on the kind of experience you possess in the field. That, however, does not mean that an education is not important. Here are the details you need on becoming a quality control manager.
Puja Lalwani
A quality control manager is someone who works in the manufacturing unit of any kind of company and ensures consistency in the quality of products produced by this company. Ensuring that the products are of a good and high quality in every manufacturing process makes the core of the job of a quality control manager. Not only is inspection a part of the job, but keeping an eye open for manufacturing defects and providing inputs to help improve quality also come under the purview of the job description of such a professional. Since it is a job that demands a high amount of technical expertise, what a quality control manager requires is a suitable education along with a good amount of experience. How do you go about becoming one? Find out here.

Requirements to Become a Quality Control Manager

Any job that leads toward quality control begins with a basic entry-level job. It is only upon building up the experience in the relevant field that you can really become a well-paid quality control manager. Apart from this experience, you are also required to have some basic education. These details have been provided here.
  • At least a bachelor's degree is necessary in order to get into this job. A degree in business administration or engineering is likely to be given top priority in the hiring process. However, if you are aiming to get into a specific field, such as clothing, a degree in a related field may also help.
  • Bachelor's degrees are also available in quality assurance, but these should be accredited and considered valid in the hiring process. For this, it is ideal to speak to individuals who are already in the field and find out whether it makes sense to do such a specific degree.
  • A specific certification in quality assurance is provided by the American Society of Quality. This is a course that you should do in addition to your bachelor's degree. It will definitely give an edge over others when applying for such a job. You are required to give an exam to attain the certification in Manager of Quality or Organizational Excellence. It is mandatory to renew this certification every three years.
  • When in college, ensure that you take courses in computers, statistics, and mathematics. Though these subjects are likely to be a part of your coursework, if they are not, you must take them. They are necessary for you to do a better job as a quality control manager.
  • As mentioned earlier, you must have a suitable amount of work experience to attain a managerial position in this field. For that, getting an internship in the manufacturing or production unit of an organization will help. You will get familiar with the job and will gradually be able to work your way up to that coveted position.
  • If you are looking to get into quality control into a specific industry, say electronics, it is ideal to get an internship or an entry-level job in the same field. Familiarity with a field you wish to work in will make you a more likely candidate for a job than someone who is not familiar with the field.
Along with education and experience, it pays to develop certain skills needed to become a good quality control manager. These include great communication skills, because you have to diplomatically communicate to workers that their job may not be up to the mark, managerial skills, because you will have to manage the entire line of production as well as handle a team that functions efficiently under you, and analytical skills to figure ways in which the quality of a particular product can be enhanced to maximize customer satisfaction. This aspect also requires research skills to find out what exactly the final consumer is looking for from that particular product.

As you can see, becoming a quality control manager is based largely on the kind of experience you have in the field. Give the entire process some time, and you will definitely be able to make it to the coveted position. Good luck!