How to Become a Disney Channel Star

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How to Become a Disney Channel Star

See yourself as the next Miley Cyrus or Ashley Tisdale? Know how to become a Disney Channel Star, and make your dream of becoming a teen sensation come true…

Let me state it at the very onset of this write-up. The chances are slim, and you need to please your stars so that they come in alignment. Becoming a Disney channel star is no child’s play, and you may have to work hard a lot in order to become one. All those stars that you see on the channel have a rich prior work experience to flaunt, and have spent a good amount of time working as an actor in local channels. That makes us believe that even the most top rated stars of Disney Channels didn’t become stars overnight, and have worked really hard to achieve their dream. Therefore, if you’re up for some real strive in the entertainment world, not only do you need to be determined, but also, begin with your training from an early age. While there exists no guarantees or assurances in the glamor world, a nudge in the right direction is what this article can offer you, so that you can work towards attaining your goal. Check out the following pointers that tell you how to go about charting your own path to become a successful Disney channel star.

Get the Necessary Training. Unless you are a star kid, you cannot expect to get a break in a show easily. You need to recognize your talent, work upon it, and groom yourself accordingly. The first step to chasing your dream is to learn the basics of performing. Enroll in a singing, acting, and dancing class, learn various kinds of music, and begin performing at local levels. Not only will it make you self confident about performing in front of the crowd, but it will also make you popular. It takes a lot of determination and strength during such training, and you need to make sure you never give up. What’s more, this field is highly competitive, and hence, you need to keep learning new skills, and create a rich profile that gets you noticed.

Participate in Talent Contests. To get yourself recognized, you’d have to participate in reality shows and music contests that hunt for talented performers for their show. Many shows guarantee a breakthrough to the winner into various Disney channel shows, and hence, this, you should take seriously. Keep in touch with the organizers of the talent shows and contests, and give auditions for all shows. Many high level shows enable online auditioning on their websites, and so, you can register yourself on them, and send your performance video to them. If they like you, they will contact you via phone call or email for the next rounds. If you’re through with the next rounds, you will have to compete with other participants. Here, your training and skills will come handy, and you will have to display your talent in the best way possible, so that even if you don’t win, you at least get noticed.

Check Out for Disney Channel Auditions. You know, you could audition for the channel straightaway, but the truth is, with no achievement in hand, you wouldn’t have fat chances of getting selected. Therefore, after you’ve created a decent portfolio for yourself, participated in a number of reality shows, performed in front of the crowd, and gotten noticed, it’s time you audition for the channel, either through their website, or by going to the audition site personally. The latter is a better option, as you will understand when you see how they actually select people, and what are the various requirements you need to fulfill. Moreover, don’t rely on just one audition, and break down if not selected. There are endless opportunities waiting for you, and you just have to make the maximum use of all.

Hire an Agent. If you think you can handle the pressure of auditioning for multiple shows at various venues, well and good. However, if it’s difficult for you to manage everything, the best option is to hire an agent for yourself, who will keep you updated about the latest happenings, and make use of his/her contacts in the entertainment industry to get you a break. Many aspiring actors and performers do that, and there’s no harm in hiring a person who knows the nitty-gritty of the entertainment industry to help you. However, make sure you don’t hire an agent who has a bad reputation. Do your research, and contact an agent who has a good reputation, and is capable of helping you out in getting that big break in Disney.

If all goes well, soon you can see yourself performing for the Disney channel, and become more and more recognized as your show gets popular. The trick here is ceaseless struggle, and grabbing every opportunity that comes your way. Remember, if you don’t get a lead role in the beginning, do away with small ones. This way, you will keep yourself associated with the channel, and if you’re lucky enough, one fine day, you’ll get your dream role. The role that made Miley Cyrus, Ashlee Tisdale, and Hannah Montana the shining stars of tomorrow. The only trick is to never lose the touch, and keep trying, till you get what you aspire for.

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