Housekeeper Salary

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Housekeeper Salary

In today’s fast-paced world, the need for efficient and qualified housekeepers is increasing day-by-day. This article informs you about their full-time salary, along with some brief information about their duties and responsibilities.

Housekeepers get the opportunity to work at a variety of places such as households, hospitals, as well as in restaurants. Their work involves a lot of hard work and discipline. The per hour salary varies from place to place, and depends a lot on their experience and expertise.

Duties and Responsibilities

Housekeepers generally work in households, as it provides them a decent salary and job security. They might be required to do tasks such as cleaning rooms, keeping all things in place, cleaning floor and walls, maintaining areas such as lobbies, terraces, and balconies, etc. They have a lot of work to do such as kitchen cleaning, cooking food, buying food grains, and also doing laundry and other cleaning duties. Many times, they work in teams to complete the assigned tasks on time, with perfection.

They might also be required to do jobs such as taking care of small children in the family and feeding them. They might even be entrusted the responsibility of dropping them to school or other classes. If a family has pets, then feeding and looking after them can also be the responsibility assigned. Some of them also execute jobs such as paying electricity and telephone bills, taking calls, giving messages, and doing bank-related jobs such as depositing or withdrawing money. Thus, housekeeping duties can be varied, and it is a full-time job, in most cases.

The duties performed by the housekeeping staff in hotels play a very important role in building the reputation of the hotel. In hotels, these professionals provide room cleaning services, and keep all modern facilities in the room in working condition. They make sure that the guests get a good and peaceful environment, and deliver food and other necessities to them on demand. These professionals are also responsible for the safety of the customers; they conduct regular checks for the same. In hospitals, these professionals keep the wards clean by ensuring that all wastes are disposed off properly. Thus, the job entails varied tasks, and some other jobs can be added to it, depending on the necessities of the employers.

Though there are no fixed educational requirements for housekeeping staff working in homes, many luxury hotels would require a degree in Hotel Management. Hard work, communication skills, and presence of mind are the qualities required for this staff.

Salary Details

The salary largely depends on the years of experience and kind of employer. Housekeepers working in large and famous hotels are bound to earn more than the ones employed in homes and other places. The salaries of those working in big metropolitan cities are much more than those working in rural areas. As per various surveys, the median salary is believed to be around USD 21,000 per year, while executive housekeepers can earn up to USD 45,000 in the same period. At many places, these professionals are paid on hourly basis. The average salary is around USD 10 to USD 15 per hour. For experienced ones, this figure can be in excess of USD 16 per hour.

If you want to be a part of this field in the future, it is advisable that you start exploring the career opportunities in it to get the general idea.

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