Hospital Administration Jobs

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Hospital Administration Jobs

Hospital administration jobs play a crucial role in keeping the medical facility running smoothly. This article focuses on hospital administration careers…

Management is a field that is absolutely essential in every industry; be it in business, health care, or commercial. Since the health care is a vast field, proper management and administration is quite complicated. To fill this requirement, there are personnel recruited who are referred to as hospital administrators. These administration experts are also known as medical and health services managers or medical office managers. These are generally employed by big hospitals or small medical settings for administrative purposes.

Job Description

The primary role of a hospital administrator is to make sure that the quality and service of the medical facility is satisfactory. A point to note is that the duties of these professionals majorly depend on how big the medical facility is. In a big hospital, there would generally be a hospital administrator managing the work of several assistant administrators assigned to different areas of work. The areas worked on are nursing, operation, therapy, medical records, and administration. On the other hand, in a small facility, there will be just one hospital administrator who takes care of all areas of patient care and services rendered.

A hospital administrator acts as a liaison between the top management, department managers, and medical staff, and coordinate will all these entities to ensure smooth operations. He has to meet with the top management officials to devise, implement, and manage policies for utmost patient care and best services from the facility. Sometimes, they also participate in budget planning of the clinical facility. The job description also includes carrying out events and camps like fundraising and community health planning.

Since large medical facilities run round the clock, hospital administrators are required to work irregular hours and late nights in case of emergencies. As this job is concerned with administration and overall management, these specialists are required to be familiar with the changing laws and regulations, advances in health care technology and medicine, health insurance, and other aspects. They are the first point of contact in case of any issue from the public.

Becoming a Hospital Administrator

When it comes to working as a hospital administrator, both education and experience are valued alike. Those thinking of entering this area should typically have a bachelor’s degree in business administration, health sciences, or health services. With this degree, you can set out your career as an administrative assistant in a health care setting. After working for around five years in this position, you can move forward to a career as a hospital administrator. You can have better job and earning prospects if you hold a master’s in the above mentioned subjects.

Salary Range

Classification by Years of Experience

0 to 1 Year: $43,000 – $69,000
1 to 4 years: $50,000 – $85,500
5 to 9 years: $59,000 – $102,500
10 to 19 years: $75,200 – $125,000
20 or more years: $86,500 – $154,500

Classification by State

Virginia: $62,500 – $117,000
Illinois: $71,000 – $131,000
New York: $59,000 – $103,500
California: $64,000 – $129,000
Pennsylvania: $59,000 – $102,000

Classification by City

New York City: $62,500 – $132,250
Los Angeles: $70,000 – $139,000
Dallas: $45,000 – $81,500
Chicago: $69,000 – $131,000
Atlanta: $42,500 – $92,500

Hospital administration jobs are not for everyone. In order to be successful in these jobs, a person should be good with time management, decision-making, administration and management, communication, and be physically and mentally stable. The median pay of a hospital administrator is considered to be around $60,000 per annum.

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