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Highest Paying Jobs with a Two Year Degree

Highest Paying Jobs with a Two Year Degree
Best jobs are those that give us good salaries besides giving ample job satisfaction. Here is more information about some jobs that can well reward an individual having a two year degree.
Kundan Pandey
Four years of study in universities is not possible for every student in the USA. Thanks to the educational system, that two year associate degrees are there for the rescue of those who either can't afford to attend four years of college or they don't have long-term interests in the discipline they're pursuing. Choosing a two years degree program has its own shares of gains and losses. It is well-known that educational degrees impact salaries to a great extent. If you have a bachelor's degree, you have brighter chances of landing up in a profession with higher paychecks. But if you just hold a diploma or say an associate's degree, generally you will have to be satisfied with lesser wages in the starting years. But on the flip side, choosing to work earlier gives more work experience and hence, it entitles an individual possessing a two years degree to earn salary equal to that earned by a bachelor's degree holder.
What are some of the decently paying professions with a two year degree program? There are some jobs where you can make good money even though you may be an associate's degree graduate. The benefit of a bachelor's degree is certainly great but there is not much to lose in two years courses. Associate degrees help students to gain entry-level jobs in their chosen area of interest. By entering earlier in a specific field, students can gain work experience which is very important criteria for employment enhancement. In many courses, for instance, in fashion designing and nursing, experience is very crucial because almost every aspect of the work is learned by working with top professionals in the field. Here's a brief overview of more such jobs, their educational requirements and the wages you can earn.
High Earning Opportunities with Two Year Degrees
Career Field Average Annual Salary Educational Requirements Job Description
Registered Nurses (RNs) US$65,000
  • An Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN)
  • Pass the National level licensing exams - the National Council Licensure Examination, or NCLEX-RN
  • State license varies for every state
Nursing profession forms the backbone of the medical industry as it is diversified into several branches.Nurses are trained in adequate patient care and performing duties as per instructed by the physicians. They keep an eye on the health improvements of the patient and ensure that they get well at the earliest. In many setups, they perform basic first aid duties as well as they handle various other works like giving injections, collecting blood samples and supplying blood or glucose carefully in the patient's body. To become a nurse, one must have excellent personality skills besides loads of compassion and love for the patient. Nursing is a profession that demands dedication and service, so don't get into it if you find it uncomfortable to be in a hospital set up or take care of diseases people
Radiological Technicians US$48,000
  • Associate degree from recognized college accredited by The Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology
  • Certifications by The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT)
In the past couple of decades, medical technology has developed to a great extent. Hospitals have invested in sophisticated machines and medical equipment. To operate these medical equipment, the demand for skilled and trained technicians has shot up significantly. Radiology technicians are professional medical technicians and perform the crucial aspect of operating machines like the X-rays, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and mammography. They follow the medical expert's orders carefully to give diagnostic images on time and accurate in nature. Majority of the technicians are hired by hospitals. The demand for these technicians will also rise in private diagnostic centers in the coming years
Dental Hygienists US$50,000
  • Educational programs vary school by school
  • Mostly 2 year associate degree is offered by numerous colleges
  • State license is essential
Dental hygienist's profession, as predicted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is going to be the fastest growing occupation in the US, with a growth rate of 36% in between 2008 to 2018. The most fascinating part of this profession is that the growth in this field is phenomenal. These hygienists are able to earn an average salary of US$50,000. They provide routine medical checks for dental care. It is one of the fastest growing medical jobs in the USA. Since most of the dental hygienists work part-time, it is said that it is one of the best flexible jobs in medical and healthcare industry. Students can utilize the free time for studies
Computer Specialists US$50,000
  • Two year associate degree in computer science or similar subjects
  • Professional certifications are must
Computer specialists must have strong analytical abilities as they have to work on anything related to computer, right from repairing computer (Computer Hardware Engineer) to storage and analysis of data or information. Depending on the type of designation and specialization, salaries of computer specialists vary. There are numerous designations and specializations that can be taken by a computer specialist. The salaries and career employment will depend on the type of specialization one chooses
Court Reporter US$45,000
  • 1 or 2 year training in a program certified by The National Court Reporters Association (NCRA)
  • On the field work experience
  • Licensing as per State laws
  • Certifications are essential
Court reporters maintain and preserve written transcripts of the legal proceedings that has immense value in court hearings and passing judgments. Besides recording important proceedings, court reporters help judges to find resourceful information from archives. Excellent listening, reading and writing skills are very important to make a mark in this profession. Court proceedings can go for long hours and hence, maintaining focus and concentration on the part of court reporters is very important. It is a profession that also brings respect as the court reporters are mostly associate with lawyers, attorneys and judges
Funeral Director US$43,000
  • 2 year associate degree in Mortuary science
  • Respective state licensing
  • Apprenticeships (1-3 years)
By becoming a funeral director you'll manage and take responsibility in carrying out all the cultural and traditional rituals that are performed after a person has deceased. You also need to be well versed with laws and paperwork. Most of the funeral directors in the US are self-employed. This field also requires excellent knowledge of scientifically handling the body after death. Discipline, compassion, empathy, knowledge and good communication skills are a must haves to gain success in this field

Other High Paying Careers With a 2 Year Degree
  • Engineering Technicians - US$45,000
  • Respiratory Therapists - US$48,000
  • Science Technicians - US$48,000
  • Heavy Equipment Mechanics - US$48,000
  • Automotive Body Repairers - US$35,000
  • Paralegals - US$47,000
  • Cardiovascular Technologists - US$40,000
  • Sales Worker Supervisors - US$40,000
  • Machinists - US$40,000
  • Surgical Technologists - US$44,000
Disclaimer ~ Salaries mentioned in this article are just for informational purpose and they may vary depending on a number of factors. Different states, cities and students with different skill sets may earn different salaries.
So this was all about some of bright options for two year courses that you can consider. Remember that continuing education is always the best step you can take to give a boost to your career. If you get an opportunity to do so, don't miss the chance. Meanwhile, you can rejoice making good money with these great associate degrees.