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Highest Paid IT Jobs in Demand for 2018

Highest Paid IT Jobs in Demand for 2018
The information Technology (IT) sector has always been a lucrative job sector. The current situation of the sector looks a bit gloomy but still there are certain sectors of IT which are in huge demand. In this article, we have listed out some of the high paying jobs in the IT sector for the year 2018 and beyond.
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Last Updated: Dec 25, 2017
The IT sector has always been a very important sector in the growth of the economy. After the 2008 financial crisis the sector has now gained up. Now it is one of the best sectors to make a career in. Since it is a completely technology-driven job, and as technology is changing constantly the job has also become more dynamic. The sector provides a very handsome remuneration as compared to others. With the rapidly changing technological dimensions, here is a list of the few jobs in IT sector which are highly paid today.
Big Data
The big thing on which companies are building today is Big Data. Big data is the king in recent times. Most companies have a huge database of information and all they need is a professional to analyze the data for them according to the requirement. It is a mix of software, hardware, and tools. Hadoop, Spark, Python, SQL are some technologies you need to focus on. The average annual salary drawn by an individual is above USD 55,000 for a Data Analyst to USD 1,22,000 for a Data Scientist.
Cloud Computing
Cloud computing is the technology where resources like networks, storage, apps, and services are shared by the clients. Many companies prefer this shared technology. The skills required are database management, programming languages like Ruby, JavaScript, Python, and DevOps. The average annual salary is around USD 80,000 for a Software Engineer to USD 1,25,000 for a Solutions Architect.
Information Security
With data theft on the rise, you need to have a robust security system. All the companies want to avoid data breaches, so there is an 'evergreen' demand for the information security professionals. For getting a job in information security you need to have good programming knowledge, data security knowledge, firewall knowledge, and in-depth knowledge of  networking and operating systems. The average salary drawn by Information Security Analyst is around USD 70,000.
UI/UX Developers
User interface design is the main requirement for apps, programs, and websites. It should be user friendly, interactive, and attractive. The UI developer needs to gather and analyze the expectations of the user, and thereby develop the interface. Sound knowledge of front end user interface development, graphic design, and fluency in communication are the required skills for such job. The average annual salary drawn is around USD 90,000.
Mobile Applications Developer
The usage of smart phones is on the rise, and most of the websites are  shifting to smart phones in the form of mobile apps. Companies are developing mobile apps for both iOS and Android to improve user experience. All you need is the knowledge of programming languages like Java, C, C++, and good understanding of mobile platforms and application development. Knowledge of UI/UX will be an advantage. Average annual salary drawn is around USD 85,000.
Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning is one of the fastest growing industries. Many organizations are using this technology to improve their business strategies. A new domain in which you can expect a higher payment, requires a blend of programming and business analysis skills. Sound knowledge of programming languages like Java, Python, Lisp, and Prolog are required. In depth knowledge of statistics, and mathematical algorithms are needed. Average annual salary drawn is around USD 120,000.
SEO/SEM Marketing
Search engine optimization includes activities that improve the ranking of a website in a search engine results page(SERP), and increasing the incoming traffic on the websites. Knowledge of technical SEO practices, on-page and off-page marketing strategies, knowledge of social media marketing and good command over keywords are the skills required for such a job. The average annual salary drawn is around USD 60,000.
Game Designers and Developers
The job of game designers and developers consist of coming up with an idea of game design and developing it. Though both these jobs are technically different, they involve work in coordination with each other. The average earning of game designers and developers comes to around $85,000 and $90,000 respectively. These type of careers are most suitable for those who have a liking for coding and an interest in gaming.
In order to make it big in the IT field, along with necessary educational qualifications and work experience, you also need to possess certifications. These certifications are certainly useful in increasing job and income prospects. Some of the professional entities for certifications are Microsoft, Red Hat, Cisco, Google and so on. The salary figures of IT professionals mentioned above are just a rough estimate and may vary depending on different variables including experience.