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High Income Jobs

High Income Jobs

Who amongst us does not want a good paying job? This article provides you with a list of high income jobs in USA. Read on and plan a good income career right away!
Avanika Mote
Planning a career and turning it into reality is the most important thing in a person's life today. There is a rat race in the employment market and this is the scene all across the globe. When people are offered a choice of jobs, they often tend to fall for 6-figure salary jobs. I don't personally see a point in choosing high income over happiness and satisfaction and that exactly makes me give you certain instructions and advice before choosing a career.
Tips Before Choosing a Job
Explore Yourself
Exploring yourself might sound like some kind of an art-of-living program goal to you, but it isn't as complicated as it sounds. All you need to do is a self assessment sort of test for your own self. Think, think, and think some more on what you really want in life. Ninety percent of youths in the world today answer they want one of the high income jobs, a mansion, a fancy car, a world tour, and tons of fashion accessories, when asked about their ambitions in life. By the time they achieve all of these, they discover health problems like diabetes and stress due to the constant workload on their heads. Is this what they wanted? Difficult to say though, the truth remains - NO, that isn't what they wanted. Where did they lack? Was it career planning or was it something else? Here's what they lacked in - self-analysis, and when they did so, it was probably too late!
My point behind exploring yourself does not limit to answering questions regarding your ambitions. It means analyzing your strengths and weaknesses, and exploring the activities in which you happen to find happiness. These activities are actually the alternatives to the job/career options you may want to choose from. Also, do not underestimate yourself and the job options, or either of it! If you are interested in being a chef or a car racer and if that is what you are sure of, just plan your career in either of these and have a focused approach.
Explore the Career Options
Exploring career options hopefully sounds easier than exploring yourself and so it is! Once you have decided upon what you really want to do in your life, look for different career options in the same field. For example, if I choose to be a writer, I will have a couple of career options there, like being a writer for short stories, being an editor, writing for magazines and newspaper, technical writer, etc. Exploring career options in the field of your choice will give you a deeper insight into what kind of lifestyle you want to live, which is when you can plan the right career for yourself. Besides, you can always follow your heart, you never know, it might take you to one of the high salary jobs!
Plan Your Goals
If you are done with the first two tips rightly, this is the stage for you to plan your career step-by-step. Decide the ultimate goal of your life and think of the number of steps that you may need to climb to reach there. With each step, plan a short-term goal. At the accomplishment of every short-term goal, you have climbed one step towards your final goal in life. Make sure you plan your career in a time bound way. Consider any time delays a weakness and try to analyze where you lacked and improve it. With that, I am sure, you will reach your ultimate goal, within the planned time.
List of High Income Jobs in USA
Before giving you a list of jobs, I thought that giving a list of highest paid fields/occupations/industries, would be more logical. So, here's a list of highest paid industries in which you may find a great job for yourself.
List of High Income Occupations and Industries
High Income Careers/Occupations Average Annual Salary
Top Management Occupations USD 100,310
Legal/Law Occupations USD 92,270
Computer Related And Mathematical Science Occupations USD 74,500
Architecture And Engineering Occupations USD 71,430
Healthcare, Medical, and Technical Occupations USD 67,890
Business, Finance, and Financial Operations Occupations USD 64,720
Life, Physical, and Social Science Occupations USD 64,280
Arts and Design, Entertainment and Sports, Media Occupations USD 50,670
Education, Training, and Library Occupations USD 48,460
Construction and Extraction Occupations USD 42,350
Community Living and Social Services Occupations USD 41,790
Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Occupations USD 41,230
Protective Service Occupations USD 40,200
Sales and Marketing Related Occupations USD 36,080
Production Operations Occupations USD 32,320
Office, Clerical, and Administrative Support Occupations USD 32,220
Transportation, Material Management, and Material Moving Occupations USD 31,450
Healthcare and Medi-Support Occupations USD 26,340
Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance Occupations USD 24,370
Personal Care, Beauty, and Service Occupations USD 24,120
Farming, Animal Husbandry, Fishing, and Forestry Occupations USD 23,560
Food Preparation and Serving Related Occupations USD 20,220
10 High Income Jobs in Health Care and Medical Field
Profession Average Annual Salary
Surgeons USD 206,770
Anesthesiologists USD 197,570
Orthodontists USD 194,930
Obstetricians and Gynecologists USD 192,780
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons USD 190,420
Internists, General USD 176,740
Prosthodontists USD 169,810
Physicians and Surgeons USD 165,000
Family and General Practitioners USD 161,490
10 High Income Jobs in the IT Sector
Profession Average Annual Salary
Computer and Information Research Scientists USD 100,900
Computer Programmers USD 73,470
Computer Software Engineers for Applications USD 87,900
Computer Software Engineers for Systems Software USD 94,520
Computer Support Specialists USD 46,370
Computer Systems Analysts USD 78,830
Database Administrators USD 72,900
Network and Computer Systems Administrators USD 69,570
Network Systems and Data Communications Analysts USD 73,830
Computer Specialists USD 76,000
10 Other High Income Jobs
Profession Average Annual Salary
Chief Executives USD 160,440
Lawyers USD 124,750
Natural Sciences Managers USD 123,140
Engineering Managers USD 120,580
Airline Pilots, Copilots, and Flight Engineers USD 119,750
Petroleum Engineers USD 119,140
Computer and Information Systems Managers USD 118,710
Marketing Managers USD 118,160
Financial Managers USD 110,640
Sales Managers USD 110,390

Note: The data about incomes and the figures given in all the above tables are given according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Best Jobs in the World
How would it feel to test the tastes and quality of swiss chocolates and get paid as good as a Manager for it? Heaven on Earth, isn't it? Well, there are many such wonderful jobs in the world, which we often don't know much about. Here are few examples of them (along with an estimate of their average income), and I call them, best paying jobs in the world!
Profession Average Annual Salary
Resort Water Slide Tester Not available
Paradise Island Caretaker USD 111,000 (contract based)
Luxury Bed Tester and Blogger USD 1400 per day
Candy Tester Not available but definitely the sweetest job on the face of the planet
Wine Tester 10,000 per month
Video Game Designer USD 85,000 per year
Roller Coaster Engineers and Designers USD 75,000 per year
Voice Over Actors USD 700 per day
Air traffic controller USD 102,030 per annum

Note: The above data about incomes have been taken from news articles across the Internet and are NOT according to the US Labor Statistics. These income figures are subject to change.
If you are tired of scrolling down, don't be, because this is where I need to take your leave and leave it on you to choose wisely among all these great options. I would insist on choosing the best job over any other high income jobs, because I believe there is a thin line between leading an ideal life and leading a perfect life, and that my friends, can only be understood when you know what living a perfect life is all about! Here's wishing you all the good luck under the sun!