Helicopter Pilot Training Cost

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Helicopter Pilot Training Cost

Training costs are most importantly to be considered while thinking of becoming a helicopter pilot. This article gives you a brief insight of the cost of helicopter pilot training…

If you are thinking about a cool job which is associated with a lot of excitement, a career as a helicopter pilot can be one of the best bets. In addition to the thrill and enjoyment, you have more possibilities to get a higher salary range for job as a helicopter pilot.

If you are thinking how to become one, you will obligatorily have to take the helicopter pilot training. The training program is the most essential requirement in achieving your goal. Remember that the training cost starts from approximately $10,000 and might even go up to $50,000.

Becoming a Helicopter Pilot

Traditionally, there are three kinds of licenses needed for you to be working in a pilot job; such as Student Pilot (SPL-H), Private Pilot (PPL-H), and Commercial Pilot (CPL-H). In order to enroll for the training, you will have to select a helicopter pilot training school in your locality which is well-known for providing quality training, qualified instructors, etc.

For obtaining the student license, there are some prerequisites; which include being over 16 years of age, possessing a latest medical certificate provided by a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) medical examiner, and being adept in the English language. After 40 hours of flying experience and taking three exams, you will be granted a private license. For getting the commercial license, you will need to possess at least 150 hours of flying experience and pass the appropriate tests of helicopter pilot jobs.

Training Costs

There are many determinants, such as period of training, school you go for it, additional expenses, etc. Note that longer the duration of the training period required, more will be the cost of the overall program. For the course, you will have to pay a per hour fixed rate and also the miscellaneous expenses throughout. Note that after obtaining the private license to fly, you have the choice of going in for the commercial license.

Private Helicopter Pilot

It usually takes around 8 to 10 weeks to complete the private helicopter training, but it may vary from trainee to trainee. The overall spending for obtaining the private helicopter license may range from $12,000 to $16,000. This includes $2,000 to $2,500 for ground coaching; helicopter instructor training for $6,000 to $10,000; and around $1,600 to $2,400 for individual flight training. Other general expenses include $200 for the FAA flight test, $75 for the FAA medical certificate, $90 for the written test, and around $400 for books and other essentials.

Commercial Helicopter Pilot

You will only be allowed to fly alone with a private license; but if you want to take passengers or cargo, you will require a commercial license. The overall expenses for this license can range anywhere from $29,000 to $35,000. This includes ground coaching for $2,000 to $2,500; helicopter instructor training for $2,500 to $11,500; individual flight training for approximately $11,200 to $23,000; flight simulator training for about $1,500; and other necessary trainings.

Miscellaneous expenses include $90 for the written test, $100 for the FAA medical certificate, $200 for the flight test, and other minor expenses. Although the training cost is high it can help you land an airline job as a helicopter pilot.

If you want to save on the costs, a very good option is to join the military. In the National Guard, the helicopter pilot training is a standard requirement for military pilots. Just make sure if you really want to join a military career before choosing this option.

Before registering for a helicopter pilot training program, it is suggested to make sure if there are any additional costs other than those quoted in the initial counseling. The amount what you have spent on the training and license can easily be recovered once you are employed as a helicopter pilot. The median helicopter pilot salary is recorded to be around $83,000 per annum; which may vary from employer, geographical location, and type of service rendered.

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