Heart Surgeon Salary

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Heart Surgeon Salary

As per the salary data of jobs as of now, careers from the health care sector are reported to be the best paid. The top paid jobs also includes that of a heart surgeon…

Apart from a satisfactory pay range for medical professionals, other beneficial aspects of these careers are job security and an ever-increasing demand for medical services. One of the best paid professionals in the medical sector is a heart surgeon. Before moving on to a heart surgeon’s per year salary, let us take a brief look at the job description of this medical expert.

Job Description

A heart surgeon is a medical professional who is responsible for treating health complications in the cardiovascular system. He may diagnose and treat heart diseases of newborns to old people. He usually works with a team of experts proficient in cardiac surgery and internal medicine.

In order to access the present condition of the cardiovascular system of patients; a heart surgeon refers to results from a wide range of tests such as electrocardiograms, MRIs, CT scans, X-rays, and other clinical examinations.

Along with diagnosing heart disorders, he also treats diseases associated to blood vessels. Some even obtain a specialization in pediatric cardiology, which relates to treating heart problems in children. The services of heart surgeons are in substantial demand, which is one main reason why they receive a very high per annum pay. The average heart surgeon salary per year is around a notable $111,000.

Heart Surgeon Salary Per Year

The pay for heart surgeons mainly depends on the level of experience counted in years. Those who have just started practicing cardiac surgery or have less than a year’s experience can expect a salary range of about $100,500 to $302,000 per annum.

Those with a total work experience of one to four years can receive an income ranging from about $102,000 to $342,000. As the overall experience increases to five to nine years, a heart surgeon can demand a pay from around $178,000 to $397,000 per annum. Cardiac surgeons with 10 to 19 years in the field can be paid in the range of $193,500 to $475,000 per year, whereas those with over 20 years in the field can be paid around $486,000 approximately.

The above-mentioned cardiac surgeon salary ranges may even differ according to the state of employment. Illinois and Pennsylvania are considered to have the highest pay for these professionals at $144,000 to $450,000 and $255,500 to $490,000 respectively.

In California, the income ranges from $136,000 to $380,000; whereas in Massachusetts it is $160,000 to a whopping $399,000. In Florida, the earning for heart surgeons ranges widely, from $49,000 to $397,000. States such as New York and Texas have a salary scale of $177,000 to $407,000 and $96,500 to $307,000.

There is another factor that affects the salary of heart surgeons, which is the city of employment. In a city like San Francisco, heart surgeons may receive a top pay reaching about $541,000 per year. On the other hand, in Chicago, the highest pay is recorded to be around $442,000 per annum.

New York City has a decent annual pay range of $140,000 to $375,000; whereas in Los Angeles, the pay range drops down at $99,500 to $297,500. In cities like Houston and Boston, cardiac surgeons may get paid between $60,000 to $400,000 and $160,000 to $399,000 respectively. Baltimore has a respectable pay range of $146,000 to $366,000 per year.

As shown above, the pay range of heart surgeons differs as per the area of employment and also on the years of experience. Also remember that those specializing in open heart surgery have a better pay than general heart surgeons. Jobs as heart surgeons are considered to be the most remunerative, owing to the initial pay which mostly starts from over $100,000 per annum. With many patients suffering from heart complications, the services of these cardiac surgeons cannot be ignored.

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