Government Employee Salaries

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Government Employee Salaries

Though it is difficult to pen the salaries of government employees, this article aims to give you figures of the well-known professions under the government employment.

Every government has a structure. Every federal government has three branches, viz., the executive, judicial, and legislative. Countries having separate governments for the states have a structure too. In this article, we will see the salaries of government employees in US. The US government being a federal one has these three branches too. Hence, we will need the structure for understanding the same.

The US government agencies can be divided into four categories, viz., the federal, state, local, and tribal. Each has departments under which various employments are given, ranging from a clerk to the head of the state.


Three branches of the federal government are:

  • Executive: The executive body deals with the administration of the country.
  • Legislative: As the name suggests, it is the law making body of a country.
  • Judicial: Judiciary is the branch that works towards implementing and carrying out the laws made by the legislative body.


The US state governments have some additional territories that come under them apart from the 50 states. These are the American Samoa, Federated States of Micronesia, Guam, Midway Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands.


The local government has 11 departments, viz., the agriculture and environment, disasters and emergencies, economic development and infrastructure, education and development, grants and financial management, health and families, information technology, news and networking, online services, public safety and law, and statistics at the state and local level.


This government comprises all the tribes in the US political territory. There are hundreds of tribes, colonies, and villages that come under it.

Federal government employees are categorized under the Federal Wage System (FWS) or General Schedule (GS). The range of 2010 GS Base Pay Schedule is from around USD 17,800 to USD 129,515. The range for persons who qualify for the Senior Executive Service (SES), Senior Level (SL), and Scientific & Professional (ST) is around USD 119,550 to USD 179,700. The pay of the employees depend on their geographic locations too, which comes as an additional amount to their basic salary. The percentage difference above the basic salary ranges from 4.72% to 35.15%, the lowest and highest being Alaska and San Francisco, respectively. This table below gives you the salaries of the ten well-known job profiles.

Average Salary
Employment Salaries
Customs Officer USD 27,900 – USD 51,100
Urban Planner USD 37,220 – USD 52,850
Public Transportation Inspector USD 38,320 – USD 57,370
Grants/Proposal Manager USD 46,550 – USD 94,000
Police Sergeant USD 48,890 – USD 78,100
Lobbyist USD 61,490 – USD 169,500
Affairs Director USD 72,550 – USD 155,110
Sheriff/Police Chief USD 85,100 – USD 106,300
Judge/Magistrate USD 140,000 – USD 178,200
Regulatory Affairs Executive USD 130,000 – USD 263,500

Average Salary: Military

Many benefits are given to the military personnel, payday loans for military is one of them. This table gives you the pay scale of the government employees in the military, barring the Air Force due to unavailability of data. However, it can be found out by contacting the concerned governors through the government website, directions for which are given in the following paragraphs.

Military Personnel Salaries
Army Recruit USD 15,577
Private USD 17,464
Private 1st Class USD 15,800 – USD 20,695
Specialist/Corporal USD 14,300 – USD 24,700
Sergeant USD 15,255 – USD 26,560
Navy Recruit USD 15,577
Seaman Apprentice USD 17,464
Seaman USD 15,800 – USD 20,695
Petty Officer – 3rd Class USD 14,300 – USD 24,700
Petty Officer – 2nd Class USD 15,255 – USD 26,560
Petty Officer – 1st Class USD 17,690 – USD 40,130

There are thousands of jobs under the federal as well state employment and to find the discounts, their salaries, you can go to, which is the salaries and wages page of the official US website or directly contact your governor by accessing the US government website. You need to go to, for contacting the governor of any state in the US. Though all the pages of the states do not give salary details, many have it enlisted. All you have to do is locate ‘Find Public Records by Type of Record’ and click on ‘Employee Directory’ after going on

Apart from these official sources, there are some other authentic independent sources too that provide the data related to the salary structures of government employees. You can easily find them on the Internet.

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