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Good Careers For Young Women

Careers for Young Women: Too Good to Miss!

Young women entering the workforce have far more job opportunities than those in the past, with expansion in different sectors. A few examples of top career options are presented here.
CareerStint Staff
Last Updated: Oct 11, 2018
Choosing a stable career is important for women, not only for gaining financial security, but also for personal satisfaction. Today, women are making every possible effort to make their dreams come true.
Though male dominance persists to some extent, laws supporting empowerment of women have given them a respectable position in almost all fields. In the present generation, girls are highly educated and their qualification and potential allow them to progress on any career path they choose.
Top Career Choices
Stepping into the professional world for the first time brings along different experiences. Building a career in the airline industry, journalism, and fashion business is indeed challenging but growth is enormous, once you have gained sufficient experience. The corporate sector is diverse and so you must make your move wisely.
Female doctor holding records
Careers in medicine are always honorable and becoming a doctor is one of the most dignified positions for a woman. You have to take the medical entrance tests for enrolling yourself in a reputed school.
The basic Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree requires 4 years of study and then you can go in for specialization courses. Gynecology, pediatrics, cardiology, neurology etc., are some of the best medical careers. Apart from these, women are taking keen interest in areas like cosmetic therapies and body sculpting techniques, which are financially lucrative.
Fashion Design
Women fashion designer
Women are always fascinated by ever-changing trends in fashion. Stepping into the fashion world provides them a channel for establishing themselves successfully as fashion designers, visual merchandisers, and other designations at higher levels.
Passing out from a reputed fashion school becomes an important criterion for getting a good job. Initially, the job might not be very lucrative, but once you get a hold of the marketing policies and growth path in the industry, then cash will roll in automatically. You can also start your own boutique, if you are interested in doing business.
Woman writing in cafe
You have been passionate about writing since childhood and now it's the right time to add feathers to your cap. Most common careers include writing blogs, creative writing, and journalism. 
Your talent could be explored in a better way if you pursue writing a book. For this, you must possess in depth knowledge in of literature. Earning fame and money is possible, when you have gained recognition and your book has a good sale. The growth path is initially slow but, once you get a grip over the audience, then the publications sell like hot cakes.
Beautiful woman pilot
Glamor, fashion, and money are associated with airline jobs. If you love traveling and interacting with people, then this is the right place for you. Today, a cabin crew job has become safe and dignified with introduction of laws that are conducive to women. 
Job opportunities at managerial level are also high paying and demanding in nature. The aviation industry is quite lucrative and you can lead a lavish lifestyle. However, such jobs suit women who are single because devoting time to family is almost impossible, if you are working as a flight attendant or air hostess.
Group of lawyers
Female teacher
Research Scientist
Scientist researching in laboratory
Human Resource Manager
Attractive woman using laptop
Broadcast Journalist
News reporter with camera
Production Manager
Worker and manager
Event Manager
Meeting Discussion
Wedding Planner
Bride with wedding planner
Technical Writer
Woman working on computer
Beauty Therapist
Beautiful Woman
  • Print Journalist
  • Software Engineer

With all these options available, I'm sure you would be able to make the right choice. Ultimately, you should always follow what you are interested in. Put your efforts and endeavor in the right direction to achieve your goal of becoming a successful woman, having stability in both personal and professional life.