Geologist Salary

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Geologist Salary

The aim of this article is to explain the salary range for a geologist and also the job description to some detail. Read on to know more.

Geologists are those professionals who study the minute details related to the crust of the earth and deal with the facts about the composition, structure and the history of the earth. The average salary of a geologist has seen a rising trend over the years due to the increasing demand for these professionals and subsequent career opportunities in this field. However, one can peruse a successful career in geology only if he has keen interest in this subject.

Job Description

The job description involves carrying out the important task of finding out the possible geological hazards which can affect the earth. In the construction projects, they perform the duties like studying the properties of the rocks, soil and the water and reporting them to the construction companies. If there are any problems which can affect the construction, they suggest ways to overcome these problems.

Petroleum geologists work for the petroleum companies and undertake the responsibility of discovering the useful traces of natural gas, petroleum and oil in the crust of the earth. The working conditions are tough as they have to work on land and do various kinds of field investigations and also work in the sea to tap underwater oil deposits. They also prepare documentation of their discoveries and projects and present it whenever necessary. A wellsite geologist’s job description primarily involves supervising and executing the drilling procedures and work in close association with the petroleum engineers on a particular project.

The competition in the field of geology is increasing with every passing day due to the exciting job opportunities. As a geologist, you can expect to get jobs in petroleum companies, diamond companies and also in construction companies. You can land a job at a junior level after completing your graduation in the subject of geology from a reputed university. You would need to score well in graduation and also have a relevant work experience for grabbing better paying jobs. For the positions of consultant and project managers, those with master’s or doctorate are given the first preference.

Salary Details

The salary depends on the educational qualifications, location of work, the company for which one works and also the number of years of experience he has in the field. For geologists, who have not much experience and have just entered the field, the salaries would be anything in between USD 30,000 to USD 50,000 per year. But, the growth prospects in terms of money and position are quite good as one gets some quality experience.

With a practical experience of around five years, one can easily earn anything in between USD 40,000 to USD 55,000. The salaries for those with around eight to ten years of experience are believed to be in between USD 50,000 to USD 65,000. Highly experienced ones with more than fifteen years of experience can command salary of more than USD 90,000 per year.

Hence we conclude that this is an exciting profession to be in. However, only those who work with sincerity and dedication would survive in this industry on a long term basis.

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