Genetic Counselor Salary

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Genetic Counselor Salary

At present, the average genetic counselor salary is reported to be around $63,000 per annum. This article tells you more about the salary ranges in this profession.

Those who want to work in the field of medical genetics, can consider a hospital job as a genetic counselor. It is a medical profession in which, a person is certified to carry out tasks that are mainly concerned with studying the genetic history of patients, and finding out any possible problems. This job requires a lot of study of genetics as well as training in counseling.

Job Description

A genetic counselor informs about the risks of genetic disorders to couples expecting children. They discuss with patients all about the family history, and notes down hereditary aspects of problems. They then educate parents of unborn child, about the birth defects or genetic disorders that can pass on in the family bloodline.

These medical experts also provide emotional support to parents during extensive and invasive genetic tests. They need to possess a master’s degree in fields like medical genetics and counseling or any other relevant area to become one.

Salary Range

Since this is a career opportunity from the medical sector, it is considered as one with a respectable pay and also with job security. It is reported that the median pay of genetic counselor jobs falls somewhere near $62,000 yearly. The salary widely differs according to the level of experience and expertise.

Those possessing less than a year’s experience in the field can earn a decent per year income, ranging from $49,000 to $64,000. With the total work experience increasing to one to four years, a genetic counselor may be eligible for a range of about $50,500 to $65,000.

Those with five to nine years in the medical field can expect a remuneration scale between $54,500 to $72,000 per year. Genetic counseling experts holding an experience of 10 to 19 years can demand a yearly income from $57,000 to $74,000. Likewise, the salary potential increases along with experience.

The salary also varies from state to state, with California believed to be the highest paid and Illinois being the lowest. In California, the salary ranges anywhere from $55,000 to $79,500 per annum. On the other hand, in Illinois, the pay scales from $44,000 to $58,500 per year.

Those working in New York can receive a yearly earning of $52,000 to $65,000. The salary range in Texas starts from $48,500 per annum, and goes up to $66,500. The state of Pennsylvania also offers a decent salary range from approximately $49,500 to $62,000 annually.

There are many other elements that have an impact on the per annum salary range. For example, working in New York City will get you a higher pay than working in Chicago. In Chicago, pay for these clinical experts ranges from $44,000 to $58,500, whereas in New York City, it is from $55,500 to $69,000 approximately. Considering all the factors mentioned above, the median salary can range from $54,500 to $65,000 on an annual basis.

Note that the salary is expected to increase, due to the possibility of good job prospects in future. Along with education, certification also plays a very important role in increasing the salary potential of this job. Genetic counselors can obtain certification from the American Board of Genetic Counseling or American Board of Medical Genetics.

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