General Contractor Salary

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General Contractor Salary

The career of a general contractor is an interesting one in the field of infrastructure and construction, with the income chiefly dependent on the performance of the firm and success of the project.

The field of civil engineering has always been a source of various career opportunities. Since construction and infrastructure form the backbone of growth and development of a nation, success of projects is extremely important for firms to scale new heights and contribute to the economy of a nation. General contracting is a good career choice for people who have worked in the field of construction engineering, or who wish to work on projects and challenging tasks. The career development path in this field is bright, and it offers various opportunities for a decent salary. This field has a lot of potential for you to make decent money, but hard work and dedication are vital if you wish to succeed.

Average Annual Income of General Contractors

Since general contractors certificates are essential for various job profiles, the salary varies for every job profile.

Based on Job Profile

Project engineers who have general contractor certificates earn near about USD 60,000 approximately per year. Since vice presidents are at the highest level in the projects, those vice presidents having general contractor certificates earn salaries as high as USD 110,000 per annum. The middle level of mangers and workers, like construction foreman and construction superintendent, earn USD 54,000 per annum and USD 70,000 per annum respectively.

Based on Work Experience

Like in every field work experience governs the salary and earning potential of the workers, in this field too the salary is decided by the number of years a general contractor has worked in this field. Licensed general contractors who have worked for less than a year can earn an annual salary of USD 50,000. Those who have worked for about 5 to 9 years can earn a salary about USD 65,000. Once the contractor has established himself in this field, the earning potential increases, and after some 20 years of work experience a general contractor can earn up to USD 90,000.

Based on Working City

Like various salary ranges for jobs depend on the work location, the profession of general contractors is dependent on the job location as well. Since general contractors work for construction industries, the value of property and land in specific areas varies significantly, affecting their salaries. In New York, for instance, the average contractor salary is about USD 90,000. Ideally, higher the living cost of a city, higher must be the salary, so that workers can maintain a standard lifestyle and are comfortable living in that city.

Becoming a General Contractor

Good education and some years of work experience are necessary elements to become a general contractor. Students interested in entering the field of civil engineering can consider general contracting as a lucrative option to move ahead in this field. One must complete a bachelor’s or master’s degree in construction science, construction management, and civil engineering. Graduates of these programs who have studied for four years start working as assistants to cost estimators and construction managers. Aspirants who have postgraduate degrees and various certificates and diplomas are preferred for general contractor positions.

As we can see, salaries in this field vary due to many factors, and fluctuate for every state and job profile. A career in the general contractor field is definitely rewarding in terms of pay packages, and aspirants interested in this field must pursue it diligently.

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