Games to Play in the Office

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Games to Play in the Office

Looking for entertainment in office? Then use the game ideas elaborated here. Playing games in office is an excellent way to kill boredom and regain enthusiasm to work.

If organizational polices designed for employees are directed solely towards work, then the progress of a company will be hampered. This is because, working everyday without entertainment becomes monotonous and when boredom grips a person, then his performance automatically declines.

Thus, introduction of games in an office becomes a necessity to boost spirit and enthusiasm amongst employees. It also offers immense relief from long and stressful working hours.

Apart from providing relaxation, also help in socializing. Making friends, engaging into conversation, and knowing each other is possible with the help of icebreaker games.

The team building games are also very useful in an office and it develops a sense of co-operation among fellow employees. Sometimes offices have a special courtyard where workers are allowed to play outdoor games for keeping themselves physically fit.

Word Games

Success Crossword Puzzle Words achievement Game Concept

Arrange for a competition where each employee will get a chance to participate in playing word games. The best example is the scrabble. All you need is a scrabble board and letter blocks to play the game.

Pair up with your partners by randomly calling their names and set for the game. There will be three rounds of game and the winner gets the prize. Playing rapid fire with words is also a great idea to play in office.

Passing the Parcel

If you have a courtyard or a terrace at your office then you can play this game with all the employees. Make a circle and sit beside each other. Play the music and pass the parcel simultaneously.

Stop the music suddenly and the person who receives the parcel has to perform something. Write different activities on paper chits and ask the person to pick up one. He/she has to perform the task mentioned on the chit.

One Minute Games

An impossible task

If you are looking for the most enjoyable games to play at work, then the one minute show is probably the best idea. Games like drinking lemonade, threading needles, blowing balloons, making boats, etc., could be easily done within a minute.

Divide the groups equally and call each person to play the games. The team with maximum winners wins the game.

Scavenger Hunt

List the materials that are supposed to be hunted for and then display the rules for the game. You can also make a replica of your office so that participants can easily locate the items.

Hand them over the list containing the items to be searched for. Set the time and then the games starts. The entire office will be brimming with joy when people start hunting for the items.

Flying Planes

Playful Business Men

You might have played this a lot in school during intervals and leisure hours! If you are looking for funny games to play in the office, then flying paper airplanes is a great idea.

Organize the game is an open corridor or an empty place. Make equal number of planes as that of participants. Get ready and fly your plane when the whistle goes. The person whose plane has traveled the maximum distance wins the prize.

These were some of the best games to play at the workplace. However, if you think a little more, then you will come up with a numerous innovative ideas. People love to play desk games with friends and peers when they get bored. Such games include, chess, carom, desk football, desk golf, desk tennis, etc.

Quizzes related to important events taken place in the office, tug of war, and charades are also enjoyable. The importance of entertainment in office can never be ignored and every organization must keep at least two days in a month for fun activities.

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