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Game Designer Requirements

Game designing is an extremely lucrative business that's making waves worldwide with innovative gamers coming up with incredible graphic animation. One needs to be creative, a team player, and good at programming to be successful in this arena.
CareerStint Staff
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
The job of a game designer is one of the most exciting jobs, yet the most challenging. It involves working with a team of graphic professionals to design and develop the most addictive games that involve superlative degrees of animation. Having said that, the requirements are different from other engineers. Typically, a game designer will be a computer engineer. The people assisting him will have a bachelor's degree in game designing or computer science. These people will usually play the roles of production assistants, programmers, level designers, junior game designers, and quality assurance testers.

Game Designing as a Career

The video game industry is a US $93 billion industry worldwide. It is not only exciting, but one of the most challenging jobs in the world. Professionals have to work in a team of production assistants, programmers, and other technicians to develop and design new video games. If playing a mind game, action game, or a strategy game on your computer could be challenging; just imagine the creativity and sheer brilliance behind creating, designing, and developing those games. Professionals have duties like designing different characters, levels, puzzles, art and animation. They also have the responsibility of coding the program using the computers' programming language which is also called binary language. According to their duties and responsibilities, they might also be playing the role of handling a project management task and testing early versions of video games. Creativity and constant brainstorming are one of the most distinct qualities required in this profession.

The Requirements

You should have a knack for video games to fit into this arena. A game designer should be dedicated and should enjoy games and should love to be a part of the family that develops these games with the help of elite programming team, where each one's efforts have a distinct outcome on the product. One should have the burning desire to write codes for the game.


Over the years, this industry has grown beyond horizons and has made universities all over the world to support careers in video game design. These courses are very specialized in nature and are usually offered within the computer science or media departments. As far as a degree goes, you will need a bachelor's degree in game designing, computer engineering or computer science, which usually takes a time period of four to five years. Courses will offer a variety of other related subjects like project management, game prototyping, level designing, and integrated video design and technology.


One should have managerial skills to handle projects. Tasks like managing budgets and work schedule according to project timelines involves challenging skills of time and financial management. Paying attention to details holds a lot of importance in this field. Besides these, clarity in written and oral communication, creativity, enthusiasm, and abundant knowledge about the industry is a must.

Personal Qualities, Portfolio, and Work Experience

An important prerequisite is to play in a team like in a game. A successful professional should have the attitude of a team player towards his work, for which he needs patience, adjustments, acceptance, and adaptability to creative opinion differences. Other skills that make one valuable are a perfect understanding of games, current updates about all the popular games, and excellent communication and organizational skills. To start with, the portfolio should contain all the relevant game related projects, a report on the internships (if any), and user-created content, e.g., adding an extra level to an existing game. People having an experience in the entertainment industry or pop culture will be highly preferable. Besides, you can seek help from the employment agencies that deal with this profession.