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Future Jobs in Demand

Future Jobs in Demand
Do you want to know which jobs would be in demand for the future. Well it's a known fact that having a good job is the key to a successful professional career. So why not be in jobs that are going to give you maximum benefit in the future.
Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
Do you want to know which jobs would be in demand for the future? Well it's a known fact that having a good job is the key to a successful professional career. So why not be in jobs that are going to give you maximum benefit and be long-lasting.
How would you feel if the job you have been doing religiously for many years gets taken away? Sounds unfair doesn't it, well this was the case with almost half the population in the US. Economic recession came and wiped away careers and even lives of many individuals. Today as the country struggles with the after-effects of economic downturn the job market is trying to open its doors and create more employment opportunities. In the wake of economic recession, many companies declared bankruptcy or most of them got shut down. Secure jobs weren't secure anymore and people started looking out for jobs which would survive this unpredictable future.
Best Jobs for the Future
People who are looking out for recession proof or futuristic jobs need to understand the ever changing trends of the corporate world. To understand these trends it is important, that job-seekers keep themselves updated with the current happenings of the job market. Here are some of the best jobs for the future.
Veterinary Technicians and Technologists
According to reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics the need for veterinary technologists and technicians will rise by almost 30% in 2016. The annual salary of a veterinary was around $35,000 in 2009 and to become a certified veterinary candidates need to complete a two-year degree from a college. The degree program should be accredited by the (AVMA) American Veterinary Medical Association so that the student can get a license to work as a veterinary technician or technologist in the United States. There is also a state exam which candidates have to pass after the completion of the coursework to get a valid license and start their practice.
Elderly people need a correct pair of glasses to make sure that their vision is not hampered and hence the need for good optometrists is never-ending. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for certified optometrists is going to grow up to 12% in 2012. In order to become a legit optometrist in the United States, one should be a graduate from an accredited college of optometry. According to reports there are 19 colleges in America which offer the degree in optometry. An optometrist annually earns around $97,520.
In 2018, the American health sector will require more than 19,000 pharmacists; as per the latest reports. People who want to be a successful pharmacist, should have a degree in practicing medicine and pass a series of medical examinations with good score. Being a pharmacist is a commendable job as they are the ones who advise and administer medications to patients. The salary package of a pharmacist starts at $65,000 and with experience can reach up to $100,000.
Statistics say, that breaking law is something which most people cannot avoid. Lawyers are the protectors of law and it is their duty to ensure that the wrong-doers gets punished and the innocent are safe. Other than protecting the rights of citizens, they also handle cases of the corporate world. Lawyers who have high-profile clients earn more than $108,589 every year. Almost daily, people are dragged into legal issues and they are ready to pay anything to get out of the legal proceedings which in turn benefits a lawyer.
Computer Systems Analysts
A computer systems analyst job description includes determining user requirements, reviewing system capabilities, giving advise on which software to buy and updating computer systems regularly. More than 10,000 computer analysts will be needed in 2014. The average annual pay of a computer analyst is $75,600.
Every business and an organization requires the services of an accounts manager to ensure smooth payments of taxes, managing of books and prepare financial statements. Statistics say that there are more than a million accountants working currently in the US and the number is expected to rise even more this year. Being an accountants requires a Bachelor's Degree and new-comers are expected to earn at least $60,000 and this figure will increase with the number of years of work experience.
Upcoming Jobs in Demand
Not all the high paying jobs are saved with the health-care and engineering sector. Apart from the above given options, here are some more options which can be termed as top careers for the future.
  • Video Game Designer ($55,000 to $80,000)
  • Plumber ($28,000 to $71,000)
  • Medical Equipment Repairer ($30,000 to $58,000)
  • Event Planner ($25,000 to $85,000)
  • Database Administrator($45,000 to $75,000)
  • Dental Hygienist ($60,000 to $120,000)
  • Systems Engineer ($55,000 to $75,000)
  • Technical Writers ($33,000 to $86,000)
So these were some of the best future jobs in demand. For good career opportunities it is better you do your education from a reputed college or university.