Funeral Excuse Letter for Work

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Funeral Excuse Letter for Work

You’ll find a sample of a funeral excuse letter for work, which will help you put forward to your management a letter stating your absence due to the demise of a loved or close one…

Companies no matter how rigid or uncompromising in their values and expectations, always have a sympathetic code when it comes to the personal matters of those who work for them. Be it health-related concerns or an ongoing problem that an employee has had to deal with, the company is willing to give them time off to help deal with these issues during work hours. To put together a letter that will help excuse yourself from the office, because of a death in the family or the passing away of a friend – you can refer to these help tips on how to prepare one.

How to Write a Funeral Letter

There are some things that need to be kept in mind when structuring the outline of your funeral excuse letter for work. It will give the management a clear picture of what has happened and how much time you’ll need to cope.

  • Mention briefly who passed away and where you’ll need to be at this time. Are you going to leave town or go for the funeral where you already are? If you need to leave town calculate how long traveling may take and then gauge how many days you’ll need to take time off from work.
  • Include in the letter if you’ll need extra days to give yourself time to mourn the passing of the one in question. If it’s a death in the family, loved ones may want you to be there for the funeral arrangements so include those days in as well.
  • If there is important work to be done, projects you won’t be able to complete or meetings that you may miss, discuss this part with the management after you hand over your letter. They should be able to find someone else to handle the workload while you’re gone, if you need to rush away for the funeral.
  • If you’re only going for the funeral and can be back within a day or so, include this in the letter so that they know when to expect you back in the office.
  • If the leave period takes longer than the said time, tell them that you’ll be in touch should this happen.

Sample Funeral Excuse Letter for Work

The best way to send out a funeral letter is to have it typewritten and printed before you present it to the management. You could also send an email to whoever it may concern if you have to rush out of town. Avoid handwritten letters since it carries with it a very unprofessional attitude of handling a situation. Let’s now look over a sample of a funeral letter that you can put forward to your higher ups before taking leave to make it for the funeral.

Date (Current day date)

To Mr./Mrs./Miss, (Name of management head who oversees leave permission)

I am writing this to inform you that there has been a death in my family (if it is a close friend, you can mention this instead) and I need to take time off for the funeral. I will need at least two weeks (how much time you’ll require) of leave before I can resume work (mention if you are leaving town).

I would appreciate it if someone were to oversee any of my pending work since I may miss deadlines. I will return and make up for the lost time, and complete my work if it can be left unattended till I resume work.

Thank you for being understanding and supportive,

(Your Name)
(Contact details)

Writing a funeral letter as you can see isn’t all that hard, and once you know exactly what to include in it, the rest follows automatically. Just remember to mention important details like how long you’ll be away and when will you be expected back, since the management will need to know this in order to give you peace and the time away that you need.

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