Fun Summer Jobs

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Fun Summer Jobs

There are numerous opportunities for teenagers and college students to productively utilize their summers by getting involved in several fun summer jobs. Find out more about such jobs in the contents further…

With summers just around the corner, it is a great time for college students to start hunting for some interesting part-time or full-time jobs. Students need to give a careful thought to several parameters before they choose some jobs during their summer holidays. That will help them to enjoy the working hours to the fullest besides helping them to earn good pocket money.

Why Summer Jobs?

Summers are a great time to develop personality skills and learn a lot of new things. If you are still wondering if you should go for summer jobs, then go through the following reasons as to why you should go for them.

☼ Utilize summers effectively by learning the effective art of time management.
☼ Earn some extra income and learn to manage money.
☼ Become responsible by prioritizing important tasks in daily life.
☼ Get practical on-the-job experience.
☼ Meet new people and make friends. Get exposed to professional life.
☼ Polish communication skills.
☼ Boost self-confidence.
☼ Learn important life skills.
☼ Make parents proud by accepting responsibility.
☼ Help your siblings or family members in monthly expenses.
☼ Save money for future.
☼ Discover your hidden talents or something that you’ll love to do In future.
☼ Helps in improving upon your weak areas like communication, people interaction or shyness.

How to Choose Fun Summer Jobs?

With plenty of part-time jobs dedicated exclusively to students, they have many options to choose from. Students must prefer doing those jobs that they find interesting. The definition of ideal or fun filled summer jobs varies for every teenager. As everyone has a different personality and likeness for specific fields, teens will normally have different preferences of jobs. Some teenagers will love to work in movie theaters while several others can find it more challenging to home tutor kids. It all depends on individual choices! When we use the term, ‘fun summer jobs’, our basic idea is to go for jobs that offer good work experience and are interesting in their nature. What are your expectations from the job you should get? Ponder over these points before choosing a job.

▪ Be sure about the minimum pay you’re willing to accept in any job.
▪ Your work shift will determine your quality of day. Hence, decide if you would want to work during days, nights or only on weekends.
▪ Don’t ignore the traveling distance and time taken to reach to your residence. If your work place is too far, you may consider moving to a nearby place to your work area but then it will again increase your expenses. It is ideal to choose jobs in areas nearby your residence.
▪ Think about cost-effectiveness and comfort while choosing transportation system. You can use public transport to commute to your work place or you may prefer your personal vehicle.
▪ You don’t have many priorities that clash during your summer job. Keep your commitments minimum, as it would be difficult to juggle between many works.
▪ Studies must not be ignored brutally during summer vacations. Do schedule some time for studying as being in touch with your studies is important to score well in exams.
▪ Do consider the history, reputation and flexibility in the company you’re willing to work. Some jobs have very stringent rules while some allow teens an appreciable level of flexibility. It is good to inquire about it during the interview process.

Best Summer Job Ideas

Now that you’re well acquainted with several tips on choosing summer jobs, here are some jobs that you may like to consider.

Summer Jobs Description
Baby Sitter Those who’re at ease with small kids can find lots of fun, excitement and challenges in handling them on a daily basis. Babysitting jobs pay well, as parents are willing to pay baby sitters some extra bucks for taking proper care of their babies.
Fast Food Joint Employee McDonald’s is known for employing youngsters during summer holidays. If you are planning to enter the service industry, it is good to gain some work experience in popular hang outs like McDonald’s.
Movie Theater Attendant There’s plenty of fun in this job. You not only get opportunity to watch movies, you cater to a large number of audience who have come to enjoy movies. It is a very interesting job option for teenagers who will love every minute of their work in the movie multiplexes. On the flip side, strict time management and ability to treat people politely is a must.
Life Guard If you are an excellent swimmer and love spending time near the beaches, you can become a life guard, as a sub-assistant or assistant. You may not be recruited full-time but still, you’ll get chance to gain great work experience working alongside professional life guards.
Book Stall Owner Libraries are an ideal place to thrive for voracious readers. If you’re the one, find in your area about some library assistant works. Even book stall managers hire teens to assist them during daily works.
Lawn Care Mower Discipline and responsibility are some key virtues to learn during lawn care mower work. Not only this job demands hard physical labor during sunny days, it also requires you to work efficiently mowing the grass neatly. For most of the teens, it is easier to find jobs of lawn care mower, just in the neighborhood and locality.
Home Tutor If you’re fond of mathematics and English, you’ll find immense joy in teaching kids. It is one of the best part-time jobs for teens as it doesn’t require any extra effort and you just need to be confident enough to teach smaller kids. Parents who’re unwilling to send their small ones outside for home tuition, will pay you effectively, if you’re ready to teach their kids at home.

Checklist Before Going for a Summer Job

Your parents are aware about your every move. It is good if you involve them in decision-making. Parental permission is necessary these days, if you’re a minor willing to work in part-time jobs.
Your working area is absolutely safe for you. If you feel insecure about it, immediately talk to your boss and seek help from your parents.
Your resume is formatted well with all necessary details.
You’re not deceiving your employer about your age, qualifications etc.
You inform your care takers before leaving for the job.
Get the risks of the job properly evaluated by you and your parents.

These are just some of the many summer jobs teenagers can go for during their holidays. With abundant opportunities in the many fields, it is not difficult to find jobs that pay pretty well and are a good working experience. So if you had that desire to feel independent and earn some money, don’t miss this summer holiday in making your desire come true. The money you earn must be spend with care. Do save some portion of your earnings for future, but don’t forget to throw a party for your friends and family members! Work hard, party harder! Have loads of fun!

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