Fun Leadership Activities That Lead to Fairly Productive Results

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Fun Leadership Activities

This article presents a few fun leadership activities before us. This includes a variety of games which test different skills of players and most importantly bring out their leadership qualities.

The quality of leadership can be developed in a person, and it is not just the inborn leaders who benefit from it. Those with inherent leadership qualities can hone their skills, and others can learn them from scratch. The act of leading a group of individuals towards a goal, requires many different skills. Children can learn and develop these skills with enjoyable leadership activities presented below. There are many interesting and challenging things associated with achieving a particular goal. It takes determination and also presence of mind to deal with unexpected circumstances that crop up from time-to-time. Let us have a look at the different leadership activity ideas through the following paragraphs.


The activities given below are to be performed in a team setting. Leaders have to guide their respective teams to achieve a given task.

One-arm Strength

For this activity, a team of 5 – 6 players is needed. A single rope (around 18 – 20 inches) is the only item required for this activity. First step in the activity is asking all players to hold the rope. Objective of the game is to create a knot without loosening grip on the rope. This is an interesting activity, as initially the players find it difficult to make a knot without moving. The players with leadership qualities would motivate others and find ways to create a knot.

Rope it Up

This is again a rope game that tests leadership qualities in players. In this activity, a leader has to guide his/her team to achieve a set of goals that become increasingly difficult. Teams are given four ropes with the following lengths: 5 feet, 10 feet, 15 feet, and 20 feet. By tying the ends of these ropes, circles/loops of different sizes should be created. As there are four loops in this game, it is a 4-step activity. In the first step, players have to fit themselves in the biggest loop. In the next step, a smaller one should be used. Step-by-step, one should complete all the tasks. The activity of fitting into loops becomes difficult with the decreasing size of loops. It is one of the nice leadership activities for students and children in general.

Human Pizza

In this game, one has to first create a list of the various ingredients used to make a pizza. The total number of teams should be equal to that of the ingredients being listed down. Names of ingredients should be written on separate papers. If one makes 5 papers for an ingredient, say dough, equal amount of papers for each ingredient should be made. All the papers should be distributed among players. Leaders of teams have to ‘make a human pizza’ i.e. a team should be assembled with players having papers of the same ingredient, as given in the list.

Walking Through a Maze

It is one of those fun leadership training activities, which requires guidance of team leaders and also the assistance of other players. The players need to be divided into two groups. The items required in this game are pieces of clothes for blindfolding the players and a long rope. After dividing players into two groups, all members of one team should be blindfolded. The other team has to make a maze with the rope provided to them. The team with blindfolded players have to walk through the maze created by other teams. The blindfolded players have to start together, walk through the maze one-by-one, and stop only after completing their task. Leadership qualities can be best developed through this activity.

The fun leadership activities being explained through paragraphs above are enjoyable and help children to develop the skills required to lead. The activities can be used by people from different age groups and complete the tasks in a fun-filled manner.

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