Front Office Manager Salary

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Front Office Manager Salary

The salary package of a front office manager is usually decided on the number of years of work experience, the location of the job venue and various other factors. If you aim to become a front office manager someday, then this article will tell you all that you need to know about this responsible position.

Other than ensuring that the entire hotel looks swanky and new all the time, the front office manager also has a lot of responsibilities at hand. He/she handles the entire front office management, the most profitable and the highest revenue collecting department of the hotel. Though by the appearance, a front office manager looks like the best dressed, relaxed and the most humble employee of the hotel but, most people don’t know the amount of hard work a he puts in to ensure that the front office department works systematically for the benefit of the hotel. In this piece of information, we are going to know everything that there is to know about the manager; which means the job description, duties, skills and the salary.

Job Description

A front office manager basically works in the hospitality industry for hotels, resorts or inns. He/She is responsible for all the main duties of the front desk which includes; staff training, inner-department communications and staff management. The manager usually has his/her own cabin and can work in any time of the day. He also shows a keen interest in the day-to-day activities of the front office department. The manager ensures that all the tasks are performed efficiently and effectively. He/she has various front office executives helping in day-to-day activities but in some special cases the manager has to step in and handle some tasks like special customer complaints, checking records and accounts of the front office department.

Salary Structure

As I’ve mentioned before, salary of the front office manager basically depends on the number of years of working experience and the location in which the hotel is situated. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the salary offered was between $75,000 to $93,000. As globalization is the current trend the demand for qualified and experienced managers is going to rise up to 8% by 2016. Here’s a table which helps you understand on how does location makes a difference.

Location Salary
Manhattan, New York $90,000
Miami, Florida $93,000
Houston, Texas $59,000
Atlanta, Georgia $57,000
Orlando, Florida $85,000
Phoenix, Arizona $55,000

Education and Duties

For becoming a front office manager at least a high school diploma is required but there are many candidates who complete a degree and a special course in hospitality and hotel management. Some candidates also have basic knowledge of accounting, marketing, hotel administration, food menu and the most important hotel maintenance. He is the highest position in the whole front office department and to reach there, you obviously have to start from the basic position which is the front office executive. It’s important that you start your career from scratch because you should be familiar with every minute detail of the front office department.

Many people have the wrong idea that the boss never works. Well, it’s totally different in this case as the front office manager is the only link that binds the front office to various departments of the hotel; so you can imagine the work pressure. The major duties of a manager is to assist the entire front office department and handle the operational duties. Everyday the manager briefs the entire front office department on the day’s schedule and the things that need to be done. Shows personal interest in VIP and VVIP guests and ensures that they enjoy a comfortable stay. Offers prompt solution in times of crisis and handling the situation with patience and maturity, displaying a high degree of professionalism as suited to a member of management.

I hope after reading this article you have a fair idea about the front office manager salary, the job description and the skills required in this profession. This job is best suited for people who have a keen interest in hospitality and have people skills.

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