Free Performance Review Phrases

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Free Performance Review Phrases

As an HR professional you need to be aware of how to draft performance reviews. The phrases given in this article should help you if you are in the process of writing performance appraisals.

In any organization, performance reviews are one of the most important events in the year. This is the time when both the employer and the employees are able to review their performance in the past year. Most companies use a combination of performance appraisal methods to conduct performance reviews. This may include asking the reporting head to conduct an appraisal of the employee’s performance over the year, and to ask the employee to conduct a self-evaluation for performance review. It is important that these annual features be drafted professionally and maintain a formal tone. To understand how these reviews should be drafted you can use free review phrases that sample performance reviews consist of. With every performance review, it is important to be objective and impartial. In this article, we list out some review phrases categorized according to the key area that they can be used for.

Communication Skills
There is no job on the planet that will not require you to communicate with another person and do so well. Having good communication skills is a prerequisite for most jobs, and whether verbal or written, it is important that you maintain clarity in what you are trying to say. This is important to avoid any type of misunderstanding. You can use some of the sample phrases given below when assessing communication skills.
Possesses excellent communication skills which is advantageous for effective problem solving abilities.
Is excellent at frank and respectful communication with colleagues and team members. Is open to feedback and including suggestions in his work. Effective communication has earned him the respect of others.
Feedback from team members suggest that his efficiency in communicating solutions to problems has been motivational and commendable.
A good listener who lends his time to fellow workers in trouble, and advises them in his capacity.

Creativity and Innovation
One of the skills that many employers seek in their employees is an ability to think out-of-the-box and come up with creative solutions that will keep them ahead of the competition. This is one of the key areas that employers look at during performance appraisals and is a key indicator of employee performance.
Is someone who is not fazed by problems and possesses the ability to come up with creative solutions to overcome challenges that are faced by them from time to time.
When faced by problems, he possesses the ability to adapt to the situation and turn the challenge around for the benefit of the organization.
Shows willingness to take necessary risks and come up with innovative ideas to enhance the organization’s position in the market. This has led to improve the brand value of the company and its image.
Has come up with several creative plans that has improved the company’s position and performance.

Leadership and Team Building
A look at any valuable employee in an organization will tell you how important it is to have good leadership skills along with an ability to work well in a team. These two qualities are two of the most important qualities that a good employee should possess and it is something that every company looks for.
Is an example to his peers and has been responsible for instilling a sense of confidence in them by inspiration.
Is a natural leader who has earned the respect of his colleagues and team members by giving them the same kind of respect.
An asset to every team that he is a part of and possesses a natural ability to make people feel at ease, and raise team spirit.
Gives team members the respect that they deserve, appreciates and commends contribution, and ensures that no member feels left out which has increased team productivity greatly.

While it is easy to get carried away at your workplace, it is important to maintain professionalism and fulfill work commitments. This is generally a major area of focus during performance appraisals and is given a lot of attention by employers.
Is excellent at developing and maintaining relationships with customers and colleagues so that the company reaps benefits from these associations.
Is a good gatherer of information needed to stay ahead of the curve where market demands are concerned and to stay focused on the needs of the job.
Has a professional relationship with coworkers and clients which matches his attitude to work projects.

Stress Management
A discussion with any psycholigist regarding work stress will tell you how many people complain of work related stress and find it difficult to cope with the same. In such a scenario, an employee who can handle the stress that the job comes with is a huge asset.
Handles stressful situations with ease and with minimal assistance.
Even in the most stressful of situations, he is known to maintain his cool and not lose his temper unnecessarily.
In crisis situations he is one of the employees who is able to keep a calm head and is able to handle the situation.

Time Management
Managing time well, being punctual, and a good record of attendance is important in every organization and is a key area that is paid a lot of attention to when performance appraisals are conducted.
Is always punctual and is very consistent where reporting timings are concerned.
His being particular about his attendance and the effort that he puts into being punctual has enhanced the team’s performance and bettered their target achievement.
Ensures that all his team members are particular about break timings and maintaining a proper schedule.
Has an innate ability to manage time well and assess the time required to perform a scheduled task.

Using these sample performance appraisals will definitely help you phrase the perfect comments for the performance reviews that you are writing. While this article, gives you only complimentary phrases, there is a possibility that you may need to include negative reviews as well. While including these ensure that your tone is not harsh or degrading.

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