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Financial Analyst Cover Letter

Financial Analyst Cover Letter
If you are applying to a financial planning company, then you will want to learn how to draft a cover letter. In this article, we give you a template and sample for the same.
Tulika Nair
Regardless of whether you are new to the field of financial planning or not, you will need to draft a cover letter to accompany your resume when you send it out to a prospective employer. A well drafted cover letter will increase your chances of getting an interview with a company. The letter should be short and precise, highlighting previous work experience and your qualities. A good cover letter, as with any form of business writing, needs to be drafted in the most professional of language with no errors, grammatical, spelling, or punctuation.

Drafting a Cover Letter for a Financial Analyst

Always research the company that you are applying to and ensure that the kind of work they do is something you are interested in. Ensure that you are suited for the job with regards to your qualifications and experience. If you are unsure of whom to address your letter to, then send it out to the H.R. Department. Always remember to thank the person you are addressing at the end of the letter. Before you take out prints of the letter, proofread it for any kind of grammatical or spelling errors.

Template for Cover Letter for Financial Analyst


Name of Addressee
Name of Organization
Address of Organization

Subject: In a concise and brief sentence, you need to give details of why you are writing the letter.


Dear Name of the addressee,

In the first paragraph you need to mention the reason for writing the letter, the position you are applying for and how you heard of this opening for a financial analyst. If you have been recommended for the position by someone in the company, then you need to give their referral and mention their name and position.

In the second paragraph you need to mention prior experience as a financial analyst and the names of your previous employers. If you have many years of experience, then it is important that you mention just the number of years of experience that you have and the last company you worked for. Details of other employers will be listed in your resume. In case of an entry-level financial analyst, make sure that lack of experience does not work against you and highlight your various skills that will serve as an asset to the company. Highlight your best qualities and allow the addressee to decide for themselves.

In the last paragraph, mention that you have enclosed you resume with the letter and are looking forward to a personal interaction with the addressee. Give them your contact details, in case they want to contact you and thank them for the time they have given your letter.

Yours sincerely,
Your name

Sample of Cover Letter for Financial Analyst
Ashley Lautner
65947 - East Cliff Drive
Sacramento, CA - 345545

15th September 2011

Taylor Stewart
Vice President, HR
GNB Financial Planning
232 - East Hills
Sacramento, CA - 345674

Subject: Application for position of Financial Analyst

Dear Ms. Stewart,

With regards to the advertisement that your organization had given in the Sacramento Times, Employment supplement, on the 13th of September, I would like to apply for the position of financial analyst at GNB Financial Planning. I have relevant experience of almost 14 years in similar capacities with different leading financial planning organizations.

Due to my relocation to Sacramento because of personal reasons, I had to leave my previous employers, HGF Financial, where I had been working for five years. I have excellent knowledge of accounting software and financial analysis programs. I am a team player who has the ability to motivate the team and solve problems with proper analysis. I have strong interpersonal skills and an ability to communicate well in a concise and effective manner.

Details about my prior experience and other relevant information about me has been included in the resume that is enclosed with this letter. I look forward to hearing from you. In case you need to contact me, you can do so at either, 638-694-9052 or at Thank you for giving this letter your time and attention.

Yours Sincerely,
Ashley Launter

In case you are new to the field and need to draft a cover letter, then remember to focus on your qualities and achievements. This will showcase you in good light in front of the prospective employer. Learning how to write a cover letter for a resume is very easy, regardless of the job that you are applying for. The format generally remains the same. Just ensure to follow the correct format and use proper language while drafting it.