Fighter Pilot Requirements

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Fighter Pilot Requirements

Joining the Air Force is a dream for many, but many remain unaware of what is needed to qualify for service in one of three crucial branches of the country’s army. Read on to know more about what you need to do in order to become an Air Force pilot…

The job of a fighter pilot is dangerous, but exciting. There are people who, despite the risks involved in this kind of a profession, wish to be a fighter pilot and help their country at times of need. It’s a major responsibility and your whole country depends on you, so people have to go through tough exams and fulfill certain exacting conditions in order to qualify. Here are some of the requirements that one needs to achieve before being eligible for this post.

Important Requirements

There are many who want to be a fighter pilot, but unfortunately can’t, because they do not meet the requirements. Here are some requirements that you need to keep in mind.


Age is one of the most important thing that is considered when applying for this post. Navy fighter pilots must be 27 years old when they apply, for fighter pilots in the Marines, the minimum age is 28 years, and in the Air Force, the required age is 29 when applying, and 29 ½ years during the time of training and board meets. If you fulfill the above the age criteria, then read on.


Another vital requirement is that you have to be a US citizen.

This and the preceding point are ones that you can’t control beyond a certain point, but the following points depend entirely on the applicant’s dedication and ability.

Health and Fitness

Piloting fighter planes is a job that demands loads from you. It will stress you out beyond your imagination. Hence it’s important that you have a healthy body and mind. Excellent cardiac condition is of course important, and one also needs to have strong muscles, as well as perfect eyesight (20/20, with no colorblindness). Height should be around 6 feet and not too tall, otherwise it may be difficult for you to fit into the cockpit. During your medical checkup, tell your examiner everything regarding your health, and DO NOT lie. It is much better to be disqualified at this stage than to suffer a horrible accident due to the condition you lied about.

Air Force Academies

One needs to be a college graduate in order to be a fighter pilot. After that, one needs to join one of the best Air Force academies. Choosing the right school is very important, as it will be of great use to you in the future. You need to appear for certain exams in order to get through the officer training. While in high school, you need to have had a GPA of at least 3.8, and you must be good at maths. Your SAT score should be around 1300.

Flight School

Once the officer training is complete, you will be sent to the flight school where you will be dealing with more serious issues of aviation-related topics. You will also be watched for how stressed you get when in the flight school. Depending on your class performance, you will be ranked and asked to choose the plane that you would like to fly.

Being a fighter pilot is not an easy task. But if you are dedicated, hardworking, and talented, then nothing can stop you from achieving your dream.

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