Fast Food Cashier Job Description

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Fast Food Cashier Job Description

Fast food cashiers are expected to be FAST! This is the most important skill required. The job description of a fast food cashier given here will help you understand these better.

A fast food cashier works in a fast-paced environment, and is someone who is expected to be quick, dexterous, and sharp. While several of the job responsibilities of any cashier are the same in various settings, those in a fast food restaurant do vary a little. In such a case, it is essential that these responsibilities be spelled out clearly so that you are aware of what you may be expected to do while on the job. A general job description of a fast food cashier has been provided here, though the duties and responsibilities may slightly vary based on the restaurant you are working for.

Duties and Responsibilities

As mentioned earlier, it is a fast-paced environment that such a professional has to work in, which is why dexterity is one of the most important requirements from such an individual. Apart from these, excellent communication skills, physical strength to stand for long hours, knowledge of the cashing system of the restaurant, and presence of mind are imperative. Armed with these skills, a fast food cashier will then perform the following duties.

➝ A fast food cashier is required to greet all customers in a specific manner as decided by the restaurant, with a smile.

➝ Asking the customers for the order and duly noting it down is important. In some cases, the order may not be available so the cashier has to communicate this to the customer, and suggest something as a replacement.

➝ The total amount is appropriately calculated and the bill amount is conveyed to the customer. The customer may pay via cash, debit card, credit card, or other coupons. It is the cashier’s responsibility to use these mediums of payment appropriately, make any deductions if coupons are being used, take the total bill amount, and tender the exact change.

➝ Transferring orders to the kitchen to have them prepared is also a part of a fast food cashier’s job.

➝ Once the order is prepared, checking that it is correct and has been presented as per the restaurant standards, and handing it over to the customer may also be required.

➝ A fast food cashier may have to hear out and resolve customer complaints. This should be done diplomatically.

➝ At the end of the day, she/he has to tally the number of orders served and the cash received. Making a note of the total number of transactions and the amount collected at the end of the day is important.

➝ In some jobs, a fast food cashier is also required to carry out inventories with the restaurant managers.

➝ Developing reports regarding transactions and sending them across to higher authorities may also come under the job description.

➝ Carrying out bank transactions for the restaurant may come under the purview of this job.

➝ Finally, in some cases, she/he may be expected to clean up, serve orders, help in the kitchen in case the restaurant is very crowded, and take phone orders for home deliveries.

Now you know why the aforementioned skills are necessary for a fast food cashier. It is important that such an individual build a rapport with customers and remember the regulars. This leaves a good impression among the customers too and definitely has them coming back for more.

Fast food cashiers are not expected to be highly educated, and often a high school diploma or a GED is sufficient to get such a job. Further, good mathematical abilities are important to carry out this job well. They receive training on the job as per restaurant standards, and work under the guidance of an experienced cashier before they are allowed to manage on their own. So if you want this job, develop your skills and go it. You can earn an average of USD 12 per hour (along with several other benefits) on a full-time basis.

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