Experience Letter Template

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Experience Letter Template

There are many different types of letters that have to be drafted in a professional environment. This experience letter template is a guiding format to help you to draft a really good letter.

A letter of experience is a very important reference letter that is drafted by any employer. It is very essential in cases where the employee separates from the current employer (corporation, company, partnership, or any form of business organization), in order to seek employment elsewhere. The paragraphs below will brief you regarding what needs to be included in the letter. A sample template has been provided as well.

Features of an Experience Letter
This letter is an important tool of communication, as it represents the employer and also appreciates the work of the employee. The following are some of the important features of an experience letter.

Appreciation: The first striking feature is that it appreciates the employee, his services and achievements.

Politeness: The letter must be polite and warm. The language of the letter must not only be a proof that a particular person was employed by the employer, but the letter must express that the employer and employee shared a warm corporate relationship.

Short: Another necessity of the letter is that it must be short and must finish off swiftly. When a person reads a short letter, he requires lesser time, and thus tends to be impressed by the letter that is short, but expressive.

Qualities: The letter must signify the qualities of the person and must also signify the person’s expertise, knowledge, and ability to accomplish a given task.

Experience Letter Format
A letter of experience, as mentioned above, must be short and at the same time must also signify the persons qualities and experience. Hence, it is better to follow the experience letter format.

Salutation: This is not a personalized letter or not addressed to any specific person. Hence, such a letter should have a different salutation. ‘To whomsoever it may concern’ is the best and safest option you can use.

Introductory: The introductory part of the letter must be short, and it must depict a person’s designation and the writer’s relation with the employee.

Main Body: The main body must talk of the qualities and skills of the employee, and must also signify the professional achievements of the person.

Conclusion: The conclusion of the letter must be completed in a few lines, and must signify that the employee was a valued person.

Experience Letter Template
The following is a template that will help better illustrate the point.

To whomsoever it may concern

Mr/Mrs/Miss(1) ________________, was employed by our company from (2)_______ to (3)_________. Mr/Mrs/Miss applied for a separation after (4)____________, of successful service with us.

Mr/Mrs/Miss was a highly accomplished (5)___________ and managed his/her post in manner so efficient that any superior found it impossible to doubt his/her work. Mr/Mrs/Miss (6)_________________, executed every task at hand with an absolute sincerity and dedication. He/She was trained for (7)______ as a part of induction training. He/She, responded very well to the training sessions. Mr/Mrs/Miss was highly accomplished at the art of communication and displayed a very polite yet impressive behavior throughout the term of employment. He/She depicted courage during difficult situations and gave an overwhelming performance during such times.

The company, colleges, juniors, and superiors appreciate him/her from the bottom of our hearts, for the performance delivered during the course of her employment.

Thanking You,

Yours Faithfully,

(Your Seal and Signature)

  1. Name of employee
  2. Date of joining
  3. Last day at work
  4. Time period of employment
  5. Post of the employee
  6. Name of employee
  7. Time period of training

Any individual who takes up a new job has to furnish a letter denoting his/her performance on the job from his/her ex-employer and ideally, any employee would want his/her ex-employer to mention favorable traits and skills only.

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