Executive Assistant Salary

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Executive Assistant Salary

Now that you’ve decided to become an executive assistant or are thinking of becoming one, you would be interested in knowing the salary range that one can expect. Find out more about the salary trends in this article.

Executives all over the world require skilled professionals for successfully helping them manage their organizations. This is where the role of executive assistants come into the picture. Also known as executive secretaries, they are upper-level employees that play a significant role in a variety of administrative tasks such as paperwork, organization of files, planning meetings, assisting higher executives, scheduling, management of travel plans, review of memos, etc. Precisely speaking, one of their many duties is to make the job of the executive above them easier. Today, technology has wonderfully expanded, and considering that, various intricate tasks have become much easier for these assistants. As such, they function as an integral and indispensable part of the office.

Their job may vary from company to company. In a big multinational corporation, every executive may be assigned an assistant to make his or her job easier. On the other hand, small businesses or companies may have only one person to assist the entire management team.

Pay Range

To start with, executive assistants in schools fetch around USD 40,000 annually. An executive assistant on an average has an annual salary of USD 35,750 to USD 49,000 per year. Note that, cities like New York, New Jersey, and Columbia are the highest paying; the salary here can go up to much above USD 54,000 on an annual basis.

Astonishingly, the topmost professionals in this role fetch more than USD 60,000 annually. However, you should have adequate knowledge about the business you’re a part of, and pay close attention to the minutest details. What’s more, it is highly essential to have effective organizational skills and proper time management. Not to forget, excellent communication skills are needed to deal with a variety of clients and executives.

Job Requirements

Foremost, one must at least have a high school diploma to be able to get an entry-level job as an administrative assistant. However, additional certifications and skills can improve a candidate’s career prospects to get into executive-level secretaryship. Certifications include Certified Administrative Professional and the Organizational Management Certificate. There are also multiple technical certifications available as well as certifications in basic office skills.

Employers generally look for a person with a bachelor’s degree with some years of work experience in office administration or assisting managers. Advanced proficiency in computers can add value to your profile. Many companies take on interns as assistants for their work, and later on, hire them officially in their organization. Precisely, more the experience, better is the pay package.

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