Educational Requirements of an Executive Assistant

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Educational Requirements of an Executive Assistant

Executive assistants play a key role in the functioning of the office daily. This article will give you some useful information about the education requirements and job description of such professionals.

The success of an organization not only depends on the talent and decision-making ability of the senior management, but also on the efficiency of the middle level and junior management. The organization can achieve its set goals only if every employee contributes by utilizing his capacity to the fullest.

At most places, executive assistants give vital administrative support or help to the high level officers such as the chief executive officers, chief financial officers, or the presidents and department heads. Here is a list of their duties:

  • Arranging for meeting of the board of directors with other employees
  • Managing the daily schedule of the senior executive and discussing it with them regularly. They also make changes in the schedule as per the instructions of the senior executives
  • If the executive has to travel to offices of the company in other cities, then executive assistants have to make arrangements for the travel
  • Preparing reports and arranging for seminars and presentations is also included in the job description

Executive assistants are also known as administrative assistants or secretaries in some organizational settings. They generally work in plush offices and may have to go with their senior management on business trips. Work hours can vary from company to company and are more in case of large multinational organizations.

Educational Requirements

Here are the steps for becoming an executive assistant:

  • Start by taking math, business, accounting, economics, and management subjects in high school.
  • You can then go for an associate degree program of two years duration in office administration to get the entry-level jobs in this field.
  • However, to work as an executive assistant to high level authorities like CEO’s and directors, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in the above-mentioned fields.
  • In today’s times, when computers have become an inseparable part of business, basic computer handling knowledge is a must. So, you can do diploma courses in programming and learn the accounting software.
  • Certifications such as Certified Administrative Professional or Certified Professional Secretary can enhance your career prospects as an executive assistant.

Apart from the above education, you should have the ability to work for long hours and presence of mind to deal with difficult situations. Logical thinking ability, problem solving skills, computing skills, people management abilities, language skills, communication and interpersonal skills, politeness are all necessary for this career.


The salary depends on several factors such as place of job, education, type of employer, skills, and experience. This job requires a lot of practical knowledge and hence those who have worked in the same position before have an advantage over freshmen. The median salary is around $50,000 per year as per job market surveys conducted by experts. Initially, freshmen can expect a salary between $30,000 to $35,000 per year plus incentives. The total earnings for executive assistants can rise considerably with incentives and bonuses.

If you find this career, interesting, then you should be ready for the hard work as promotions are not easy due to high competition. Good luck for your career!

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