Executive Assistant Cover Letter

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Executive Assistant Cover Letter

Wondering what to include in your cover letter for the post of executive assistant? This article will help you in writing your own personalized cover letter.

Writing a cover letter is a form of formal letter writing. It’s a document that gives an introduction to your resume. It adds to the information given the documents and also highlights your skills and work experience. So while making a cover letter, it is advisable to look at the job requirements and the profile to customize your cover letter.

An executive assistant is a person who represents executives in meetings or discussions. His position includes responsibilities like managing correspondence, doing research work, and also filtering information which is supposed to reach the administration. This gatekeeping is done with respect to the varying importance the issue holds. The executive assistant’s job also includes setting up meetings with clients as well as other employees. Though this job may seem to have a secretarial profile, it is at a much senior level.

An executive assistant can represent the board members and be influential in meetings or discussions held on behalf of them. He is an authorized person to do that. Along with this, he is usually required to handle parts of the project management too. He thus needs to have good communication skills and leadership qualities which would include delegations.

A Few Tips

  • It is better to get the cover letter typed rather than hand-written.
  • Keep it to the point and formal.
  • There should be no spelling mistakes and typing errors.
  • It has to be customized and written specifically with the skills required for a particular job description.

Sample Letter #1
Your Name

Your Address

Your Contact No.
Your Email


Name of Employer
Company’s Name

Dear Mr. /Ms. Name of Employer,
This is with reference to the advertisement on your company’s website for the post of executive assistant. I believe I possess the knowledge and experience that your company requires. I feel if I am given an opportunity to join the company’s name on the said post, I will be able to contribute towards the success of the company.

I have worked as an executive assistant for 4 years in a reputed firm and I have acquired some useful experience regarding advertising and marketing. Communication is my forte. Keeping the best interests of the company, I think it will be beneficial for both of us to meet to talk more about your expectations regarding the executive assistant job.

I really look forward to meeting you in the near future. If you have any queries, I will be available on any working day on the phone numbers mentioned.

Thanks for considering my application.

Your Signature

Your name

Sample Letter #2
Your Name
Your Address

Your Contact Nos. and email


Dear Mr. Raven Michael,
It is with great enthusiasm that I am responding to your recent advertisement in job portal name  for the post of Executive Assistant. I believe my experience and abilities closely match your criteria.

  • Four years of experience of being in the corporate sector of reputed marketing companies.
  • Good analyzing skills and presentation skills.
  • Awards for efficiently implementing administrative programs.
  • Knowledge of computer programming, in languages C, C++ and C#.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Your Signature

Your Name

So these were the sample cover letters for your guidance. Hope they helped you in writing your own cover letter.

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