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Entry-Level Cover Letter: A Sample to End Your Drafting Woes

Sample Entry-Level Cover Letter
A freshman may find it hard to write a cover letter given that he or she has no prior work experience to quote. This article, therefore, gives you a sample entry-level cover letter to help you draft one yourself.
Arjun Kulkarni
Last Updated: May 31, 2018
A cover letter is a sort of testimonial you write for yourself and your job related skills. It generally tends to include the stuff you have learned over the years and details about where you have been employed. But, what about a freshman just out of college, who has no experience of working whatsoever? How should he go about marketing his skills and achievements, when he has never been employed? Don't worry, in this article, you will find a sample entry-level cover letter.


A cover letter or an introduction letter is something you send to a company along with your resume and job application. While your resume only contains a brief about your educational qualifications and a little information about your skills and work experience (if any), the cover letter 'covers' your entire career in sufficient detail, helping the recruiting company better understand your job-worthiness.

But with no work experience to speak of whatsoever, how can one write a cover letter which hits the spot perfectly? Herein, you need to be a little tactful. The key here is to somehow play the lack of experience in your advantage. You can do that by saying how your lack of experience potentially makes you a better candidate for the job, because you will bring in fresh ideas to a company which is perhaps hamstrung by the same old philosophies belonging to a previous generation. 'Fresh minds mean fresh thoughts and fresh ideas' is a pretty effective thing to say. Talk about the skills you will bring to the table, given the fact that you have just completed your education, and hence, the lessons you have learned, although theoretical, are certainly more contemporary and could be of better use than the done-and-dusted techniques that the old lot use. Then, of course, there is my favorite bit about freshmen being unpretentious and hard-working as compared to know-it-all experienced candidates - although I suggest you do not frame the sentence that way! You can always mention in the letter, something how about as a fresher, you're eager to learn, appreciate, apply your knowledge, and deliver the best results. As a relative greenhorn in the industry, you have a mind open to new ideas and new experiences. And of course, a little bit more about your job skills and a proper format should also do the trick in perhaps swinging the scales in your direction!


[Your Name]
[Your Address]
[City Name]
[Zip Code]


[Recipient Name]
[Company Name]
[Company Address]
[City Name]
[Zip Code]

Respected Mr./Mrs. Recipient

Subject: Cover Letter for Resume

I [Name] am a [graduation stream] graduate and have responded to your advertisement for the job of [job title] in your company.

While I may be a fresher out of college, I believe that I have the skills and the ability to be an equally matched, if not a better candidate than one with work experience.

A freshman means a fresh mind which can generate fresh ideas. I believe that I am a good candidate for this post, since I could bring to the table newer ideas that could help your company grow. As full of ideas and creativity as I am, I am also equally eager to learn, understand the practices and principles of your company and apply them to my job. My eagerness to learn and work has practically no bounds and am willing to go the extra mile on the job. My skills which I acquired during my education too no doubt are more contemporary and new, and I can certainly apply those at work.

I would welcome the chance of starting my career at your company and would like you to consider me for the post!

Thanking You,

[Your Signature]

[Your Name]

An entry-level cover letter can be a little difficult to write, since you are not experienced and hence needs to be tactfully written. Hence by mentioning all the points that I talked about above, you can make a pretty good cover letter!