Entomologist Salary

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Entomologist Salary

The salary of an entomologist can vary between USD 25,000 to USD 40,000 annually, with candidates having experience and a doctorate, earning up to USD 82,000.

In layman’s terms, entomology is the study of insects and there are over a million species of insects on this planet. As a subject, it falls under biology and entomologists study insects under laboratory conditions, as well as in natural habitat, when engaged in field work. Under the entomology umbrella, there are different topics of discussion like biomechanics, agriculture, nutrition, forensic science, etc.

The study of insects has been vital in developing robots, as the insect movements have been duplicated by robotics engineers with great results. Entomologists also play a vital role, when it comes to agriculture, as some insects are responsible for pollination and for destruction of crops. Forensic entomologists study a crime scene and try to determine a timeline for the event. Due to all these different fields of work, the salary of an entomologist fluctuates according to the job profile.

Educational Qualifications

The salary of these professionals largely depends on their educational qualifications. Candidates who have a Bachelor’s degree are likely to get less salary, than their counterparts with a Master’s degree or doctorate. Students with a high school diploma or GED equivalent are eligible to enroll for Bachelor’s degree programs in entomology. Many schools also offer Master’s programs and Ph.D. level courses in the subject, which benefit students when they are looking for high wage jobs.

Some schools even offer online programs in entomology, but there aren’t online programs for sub-categories like forensic entomology. Students who have an innate liking for insects will excel in this profession. Some entomologists are also known to run their own successful pest control businesses, after completing their course work.

Job Description

There are several specialized subjects in this field. Hence, the job description and salary of an entomologist will vary, as per the work profile. For a better understanding, an entomologist working with disease control will study the role of insects in disease transmission.

In the agriculture industry, they will work on ways to restrict harmful insects from harming crops, and identify the insects that help pollination. Forensic entomologists study crime scenes and will study insects like maggots and flies to determine the time of crime. They will be required to visit the scene of crime or will have to analyze samples under laboratory settings. The duties of an entomologist are widespread.

Salary Range

The salary is related to the field of specialization they choose. For example, salary for forensic experts can range between USD 29,000 to USD 49,000. According to some statistics, the average salary of forensic entomologists is around USD 25 per hour. Law enforcement agencies are the top employers when it comes to forensic entomology.

Salary of medical entomologists can range between USD 60,000 to USD 65,000, and at the entry-level, it can be as low as USD 25,000 annually. These people study the infections that insects carry and their effects on human life.

In states like New York, the average salary is USD 36,000, and in the state of California, the median salary is USD 32,000 annually. An entomologist looking to work in Texas can expect to earn around USD 30,000 annually and the statistics for the state of Florida also put the figure at USD 30,000.

If you see the average salary, you will find that it fluctuates according to the line of work and location. Analysts forecast that the job outlook for this profession in the coming years is good, with growth being more than average, compared to other professions.

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