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Endodontist Salary Range

Endodontist Salary Range
An endodontist's career is certainly among the highly rewarding dentistry careers around. For people looking forward to become an endodontist, this article will tell you all about the endodontist salary range, job description, and educational requirements.
Ujwal Deshmukh
Dentistry is a highly coveted medical job, not only in the United States but all around the globe. This is so because it offers excellent working conditions, enormous career opportunities, and of course, a high salary range! Now, dentistry is not just confined to becoming a dentist. Rather, technological developments and the need for effective dental care have broadened its scope, and today there are nine different branches existing in this particular field of medicine! Endodontics is a branch of dentistry recognized by the American Dental Association (ADA). It deals with diseases of the tooth pulp and all the tissues surrounding a tooth's root. An endodontist is a person dealing with endodontics and is specialized in diagnosing, identifying and treating diseases of the tooth pulp and nerves. It is a special department and area of practice, therefore, there are several other duties that an endodontist performs.
Endodontist Educational Requirements
To become an endodontist, you need to complete a postgraduate program in endodontics from a reputed dental institute or university. This should be coupled with advanced training in endodontics, through a training program accredited by the American Dental Association. Further, you also need to get a state license or a license from the local authorities to work as an endodontist. This is the educational criteria for most of the health care organizations hiring endodontists. However, in some organizations, a bachelor's degree in endodontics might suffice. Besides formal studies, an endodontist should be patient-friendly, a good communicator, and must have thorough knowledge of the latest trends and techniques in that are prevalent in dentistry. A minimum of 1 - 2 years experience as an endodontist in any dental organization is considered as an added advantage for a good job.
Average Salary of an Endodontist
An endodontist's income largely depends upon the size of the organization he works in or the number of patients he deals with, that is if he is pursuing his independent practice. It also tends to vary somewhat from state to state. The average salary of an endodontist, after including all the benefits, can go to anywhere around $175,000 and $250,000.
State Wise Endodontist Average Salary
Alabama $230,000
Alaska $180,000
Arizona $190,000
Arkansas $220,000
California $240,000
Colorado $200,000
Connecticut $230,000
Delaware $210,000
Florida $210,000
Georgia $230,000
Hawaii $170,000
Idaho $190,000
Illinois $230,000
Indiana $230,000
Iowa $210,000
Kansas $200,000
Kentucky $210,000
Louisiana $170,000
Maine $210,000
Maryland $230,000
Massachusetts $260,000
Michigan $200,000
Minnesota $210,000
Mississippi $270,000
Missouri $220,000
Montana $220,000
Nebraska $190,000
Nevada $210,000
New Hamp. $230,000
New Jersey $230,000
New Mexico $200,000
New York $260,000
N. Carolina $210,000
N. Dakota $210,000
Ohio $210,000
Oklahoma $200,000
Oregon $210,000
Pennsylvania $200,000
Rhode Island $230,000
S. Carolina $200,000
S. Dakota $190,000
Tennessee $210,000
Texas $210,000
Utah $210,000
Vermont $220,000
Virginia $230,000
Washington $200,000
West Virginia $230,000
Wisconsin $180,000
Wyoming $240,000
Endodontist Job Description
Endodontists are dental specialists who are equivalent to a regular dentist. Their job entails a lot of other duties and responsibilities, other than the ones mentioned above. Here's a short job description of an endodontist.
  • Basic dental checkup, diagnosing diseases of the tooth pulp, damaged or diseased tooth pulp, and advising proper treatment for the same.
  • Working on the development plans of dental treatment, to make sure the effective care of patients is in place.
  • Performing root canal therapy on the bicuspid, molar and anterior teeth, and prescribing follow-up for it.
  • Curing tooth discoloration by bleaching and repairing or fixing damaged tooth portions.
  • Preserve various medical records associated with patient history, case references, etc.
  • Repairing internal root perforations and treating root canal obstructions.
  • Using specialized dental instruments for dental X-rays and treating irregularities.
  • Maintaining and ensuring proper care of all the dental equipment.
  • Managing the appointment of patients.
  • Performing administrative work, related to the purchase of office and lab supplies.
The job of an endodontist may seem easy, but is actually not. Factors like education, experience and knowledge have to be the base, but you also need to be caring with an amiable personality and a strong commitment towards your job. But if this field interests you, then there should be no reason why you will not be successful in this job.