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Employment Ideas for Ex Convicts

Employment Ideas for Ex Convicts
The life of ex felons who want to change and make money is not that easy. The blotch of being an ex convict makes life difficult for them irrespective of their wish to change. Finding job can be a daunting task for them. Here are some employment ideas for ex convicts that would help them in getting a job...
CareerStint Staff
Last Updated: Sep 12, 2018
Finding jobs for ex convicts can be a really difficult task. Most companies reject job applications from ex convicts. People hesitate to trust those with a crime record which makes it difficult for them to secure a job.
Inability to find a job pushes them in the vicious circle of poverty and crime. There are support groups which provide assistance to ex convicts in finding jobs. Seeking help of these support groups should prove to useful for them.
Ex Convicts Employment Ideas
Fighting the system in getting a job is one of the biggest problems faced by ex convicts. Lack of formal education (in most cases) adds to the problems of these people with a criminal background. Although it is hard to find jobs for ex felons, searching for them patiently should be helpful. These employment ideas will help them to find a good job.
Delivering Newspapers
The newspaper delivery job is one of the best for ex convicts. Newspaper agencies have no problem whatsoever to offer the job of delivering newspapers to ex-felons. All that is required is a candidate with a valid driving license and of course a vehicle. These contract-based jobs are considered good for earning money in times of need.
Construction Jobs
Installing Sheetrock
There are many jobs in the construction field which help the ex-felons to earn a living. The different jobs in this category include that of workers, laborers, etc.
Online Jobs
Tattooed girl working
People can use Internet for finding a good job opportunity. There are many different jobs on the Internet which help in earning a decent income for anybody including ex convicts.
These jobs do not require any kind of background checks. Most common jobs available on the Internet include the data entry and marketing ones. There are few companies which conduct online surveys. Filling out survey forms is one of the options to consider for earning money.
Job in Salvation Army
Amongst the different programs for ex convicts, the one that is run by the Army is the prisoner rehabilitation program. Ex felons are allowed to work in programs conducted by Harbor Light Centers. It is possible to work at community centers through these programs.
Companies Hiring Ex Convicts
There are quite a few companies which hire people with criminal records. The onus of preparing well for the interview however lies on these ex felons. UPS is one of the well-known companies which hires ex convicts. Home Depot is one such company that is known to offer employment opportunities to ex felons.
Truck Drivers
Driver In Forklift Truck
To get this job, Commercial Driving License (CDL) is a must. Trucking companies hire ex felons, provided they have a clean driving record. While facing an interview for this job, you should not lie about involvement in felony.
Ex-convicts should look out for job opportunities and not get bogged down by the pressure they have to face while interacting with people in the society. They need to believe in themselves and their abilities.
If a person wants to forget the criminal past and start a new life from scratch, it is necessary to provide him with the necessary encouragement. It is only through joint efforts taken by ex felons and other people of the society that one can think of giving the former a second chance.