Employment Assistance for Felons

If you are looking for employment assistance for felons, check out the Doe Fund, Army Moral Waiver Program, and even state employment agencies.
CareerStint Staff
Employment assistance for felons is very necessary, as statistics point out that more than 60% felons released from prison are rearrested. Not getting gainful employment is one of the factors contributing to this high percentage. Although there are certain industries, like the restaurant sector, which provides opportunities to ex-felons, one industry is hardly the solution. With the recent economic crisis, it has become especially hard for felons to get an opportunity to rehabilitate themselves back into mainstream society. Even felons with good education and special skills are finding it difficult to get gainful employment. The administration has several programs that extend credit to employers who offer work opportunities for convicted felons. Several non-profit organizations and church charities also provide employment assistance for convicted felons who are looking for opportunities to redeem themselves.
There are some agencies that provide employment assistance for felons and try to get them jobs ranging from being a driver to working in the armed forces. If you see the statistics of the 60% felons re-arrested, over 50% are re-incarcerated. To avoid being a part of this statistic, approach as many employers as you can, because getting a job is one of the best ways to get back into society.
Moral Waiver Program
One of the best avenues for jobs for ex-felons are the armed forces. The armed forces have a moral waiver program under which they hire people with a checkered past. Under this program, they offer different types of jobs to accommodate felons with varied skill sets. The army offers jobs in construction, maintenance, driving positions, and even hire for office staff positions. Many ex-cons have rehabilitated themselves with assistance from the moral waiver program.
WOTC Program
The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is one of the many programs to encourage employers to offer jobs for convicted felons. Under this program, the administration offers tax credit to employers who hire felons. This is a great initiative by the government to encourage businesses to provide jobs for this ignored workforce. The government offers up to USD 2,400 in the form of federal tax credits for hiring felons.
Federal Bonding Program
In an effort to address the concern of businesses offering jobs for felons, the government started the federal bonding program. One of the primary concerns that businesses have when hiring felons is theft or damage. Under the bonding program, the government offers fidelity bonds to companies that hire felons. These bonds offer insurance to employers for the first six months on hiring a felon in the organization. This US department of Labor project is helping ex-cons get back on their feet and support themselves.
Other Resources
The HIRE network is one of the best options for convicted felons looking to get gainful employment and support outside prison. You can check out the HIRE network website for opportunities and resources in your area. One more resource that is available on the Internet is the DOE fund website, which also offers assistance to people with a criminal background. The website not only offers information regarding employment, but also helps those with substance abuse problems and with other barriers to gainful employment.
You can also check out the salvation army, Christian missionaries, and employment agencies for felons on the Internet, as these too offer help to those who are seeking to redeem themselves. There are opportunities for felons who have patience and are willing to put in some hard work.