Employee Evaluation Template

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Employee Evaluation Template

Given here is a basic template of an employee evaluation form for you to be able to conveniently conduct an evaluation regularly. Take a look.

An employee evaluation or what is formally known as a performance appraisal is essential on a regular basis. The reasons to conduct such a procedure are many. For one, an employee requires performance feedback to find out what her/his strong and weak areas are. Secondly, it enables a decision on part of the management regarding the growth of the employee within the organization. The performance evaluation will help analyze whether the employee can be given additional responsibilities, and how much of such responsibilities may be given to her/him. It is the job of the human resource department along with the department head to conduct a regular employee performance appraisal. This may be a bi-annual or annual appraisal. While a personal meeting with each employee is essential for this process, using an employee performance evaluation form is of great help to clearly demarcate the excellent as well as the problem areas. As such, here, we provide to you a basic employee evaluation template that can be used to carry out an employee performance appraisal.


The template given below is a complete form that covers the key performance indicators that are usually necessary in the process of evaluating employee performance. This template may be modified as per your organization policy. The template given below may also be used as a self-evaluation template, where the employee is expected to first fill the form out, after which the human resource department and the department head complete the form. This gives an idea about how the employee perceives her/himself within the organization, and how similar or different the views of the employee and management are. Following such a system can lead to a healthy discussion after which solutions to improve employee performance may be suggested. The areas to be filled by the employee are marked as EMP, and those to be filled by the manager are marked as MGR.

Employee Name:
Job Description:

Reporting Head:
Date of Joining:
Appraisal Period: ato __________

Employee Rating
1 2 3 4 5
Knowledge of Job
Job Execution
Quality of Work
Technical Skills
Problem Solving Skills
Organizational Skills
Communication Skills (Colleagues & Clients)
Leadership Skills
Ratings Description
1 Unsatisfactory Failed to meet necessary requirements as against set target standards
2 Below Expectations Requirements are met occasionally yet minimum standards are not often achieved
3 Meets Expectations Requirements are met usually indicating the delivery of adequate results
4 Exceeds Expectations Performance is found more than adequate on most occasions
5 Outstanding Performance has consistently exceeded job requirements and expectations

Employee Observations:


Supervisor’s Observations:


Supervisor’s Recommendations:


Employee’s Signature: _________________________

Supervisor’s Signature: ________________________

Date & Place: _________________________________

As you can see, this template of a standard employee evaluation form fulfills all the criteria of employee evaluation. Of course, as mentioned earlier, you may alter it to suit your requirements. Use this form to make the task of evaluating your employees simpler.

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