Dump Truck Driver Salary

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Dump Truck Driver Salary

With a pay ranging from approximately $40,000 to $45,000 per annum, dump truck drivers do have a respectable amount of earnings…

Out of the many tough careers present in the transport industry, a job as a truck driver is one of the most popular. If it is dump truck driving, the job becomes all the more difficult and challenging as it is not a job for everyone. Those looking forward to do this job need to be physically fit. There are plenty of jobs opportunities in dump truck driving, especially in the mining sector.

Job Description

The chief duty of a dump driver is to transport loose materials to various places of processing. This job is more prominent in the mining industry, wherein the driver carries loads of ore, sand, coal, or gravel in dump trucks. These trucks are large and heavy which is why their drivers need to have a good sense of judgment, practical thinking, and obviously good driving skills. These machines demand an increased amount of control, and are nearly double the size of standard trucks. Sometimes, these drivers have to take huge vehicles on challenging roads and conditions.

Drivers are also required in the manufacturing and construction industry. They need to transport cement and gravel to construction sites for further processing. Since there are many controls on dump trucks, drivers need to be aware of the operations of the same. Owing to these challenges, the income potential is decent.

Salary Range

The median salary range of these drivers comes to around $29,000 to $45,000. The most important criteria is the level of experience. Those with one to four years of experience can expect to be paid from about $18,000 to $49,000 per annum. This job also consists of hourly pay and overtime, which is why many drivers take home a good income. Freshers can start earning from about $8 to $18 per month. Those with five to nine years of experience can get an annual pay starting from $19,000 to $49,500 annually. Those who have spent 20 or more years in dump truck driving can demand a salary as high as about $65,000 per year. Coming to the hourly earnings, these truckers draw $10 to $20 on an average basis.

The pay is also classified as per the location, such as state and city. California is considered to be the highest paying state with a range of around $39,500 and $54,000. In Ohio, the per annum remuneration is between $25,000 to $38,000. In cities such as Nashville, TN, the salary prospects are low at around $40,944 on an average, as compared to $44,000 in Phoenix, AZ. The average income in Boston was around $45,000, whereas that in Atlanta was recorded to be the highest at about $46,000. In per hour earnings, Chicago was recorded to be the highest paying city at a range of $19 to $27. The type of industry also had varied earnings with the mining sector offering a per hour rate of $20 for dump truck drivers compared to the construction sector, where the average pay was $17 per hour.

To become a dump truck driver, you need to possess a Class B Commercial Driver License (CDL). However, some employers may hire you even with a Class A license. Along with driving heavy wheels, you need to comply by the safety rules and regulations set by appropriate authorities. A good thing about this job is that long driving sessions are not required, which are usually found in cargo driving jobs. So, drivers normally work at a location nearby the construction site, and do not need to stay away from home for several weeks.

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