Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Salary

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Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Salary

The average diagnostic medical sonographer salary range is high, since this job is from the health care sector. This article gives you a brief insight of this medical professional’s pay scale…

A diagnostic medical sonographer is someone who uses ultrasound technology to diagnose the problems a patient is facing. These professionals are also known as ultrasound technicians, and since they form an integral part of the medical community, they are among the highly paid medical professionals.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

These professionals assist the doctors with various tasks, right from obtaining patient history to performing the ultrasound tests. They are usually employed in hospitals, clinics and private medical centers. As with all medical jobs, these jobs too come with the uncertainty of working hours, and these professionals must be ready to get to work with short notice. Thanks to this, they are paid relatively well, and salaries for this position are over the $50,000 mark.

There are various ways to get in this profession, and the most common and easiest way is to complete a 2 year or 4 year program that earns you an Associate or Bachelor’s Degree in the related field. On job training is a very important aspect of the learning process. To make this a lucrative career option, it is advisable to become a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer.

The role of a diagnostic medical sonographer is very important in helping doctors know where in the body do complications exist. A sonographer is also responsible for using imaging ultrasound equipment and devices on patients’ body to record areas of disorders. Ultrasound imaging is mainly used for finding out any complications in pregnant women.

Almost all medical jobs are secure and do not have any impact of recession, and so is true for a career as a diagnostic medical sonographer. In addition to job security, the median salary is recorded to be somewhere around a respectable $58,000.

Determinants of the Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Salary Range

Various factors affect the salary that these medical professionals earn. Let us take a look at some of the important factors that can affect an ultrasound technician’s salary.

Years of Experience

From the table given below it becomes very clear how much of a difference experience makes in this profession. For those who stick it out in this profession, the job can be quite lucrative and very close to the 6-figure mark. With around 5 years of experience, you can earn a comfortable $50,000, which is on the higher side compared to other professions.

Experience Salary (Per Year)
Freshers $35,000 to $50,000
1 – 4 years $39,500 to $59,000
5 – 9 years $46,000 to $67,000
10 – 19 years $56,000 to $73,000
20+ years $57,000 to $83,000

State of Employment
The salary does vary greatly from state to state, with some states paying more than others. This mostly arises due to the demand in those particular states for diagnostic medical sonographers. California and New York remain the best states to work in for these professionals, though the pay in the other states is by no means low.

State Salary (Per Year)
Georgia $31,000 to $47,000
Ohio $38,000 to $51,000
Florida $38,000 to $54,000
New York $39,000 to $65,000
Texas $41,000 to $67,000
New Jersey $49,000 to $56,500
California $51,000 to $78,000

City of Employment
The per annum earnings of diagnostic medical sonographers also varies a lot depending on the city of employment. While some states may pay these professionals lower wages, there are some cities in those states that might exceed the average state pay for ultrasound technicians. Seattle is the highest paying city, with salaries almost reaching the 6-figure mark.

City Salary (Per Year)
Miami $27,500 to $57,000
Atlanta $39,000 to $49,000
Dallas $40,000 to $71,000
New York City $42,500 to $69,000
Arlington $47,000 to $73,000
Orlando $29,500 to $84,000
Seattle $54,000 to $93,000

These are only a few determinants of the sonographer salary. There are other factors as well, which may have an effect on the salary range for job as a diagnostic medical sonographer. You may get a good pay around $48,000 to $70,000 if you are employed by a private medical facility. Those providing services in hospitals can receive anywhere from $40,000 to $61,000. Other salary determinants are educational qualifications, certifications, and specializations. You can also refer to how to become a sonographer to get an in-depth knowledge of the same.

Note that all the above mentioned figures of the sonographer salary are per annum earnings and are approximately calculated. The salary for Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (RDMS) ranges from $45,000 to $72,000 per annum. I hope after reading this article, you might have got a basic idea of the salary, to further decide your course of action.

Radiologist doing a sonogram at the hospital

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