Dental Office Manager Job Description

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Dental Office Manager Job Description

With the expansion of the medical field, the demand for dental office managers has also seen a rise. To acquaint the candidates interested in this job, we have provided the job description in this article.

There are literally innumerable career options in the rewarding and vast medical field. The post of a manager is very important in medical field as he/she is the one who manages the hospital and takes full responsibility of the routine office affairs like patient care and equipment management. The same goes for a dental office manager. He works in dental clinics or super-specialty hospitals and is responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of the hospital. A high school education with certification from recognized educational institutions is the minimum educational qualification for a dental manager, but a degree in science or business management is definitely be a plus point. Take a look at the duties given below, for an insight into the work profile of these managers.

Duties of a Dental Office Manager

The duties of an office manager include a mix of clerical, medical and administrative duties.

  • Managing the clinic to ensure proper functioning is the chief duty of a dental office manager. This includes managing the patient records, appointments and other required medical tests.
  • The manager also has to pay attention to minute details like effective maintenance of the hospital.
  • He also assigns duties to the subordinates and other employees in the hospital.
  • He also takes care of details like the payroll of the employees, leave updates, etc.
  • The manager also plays an important role in recruitment and training of the new candidates hired.
  • The dental manager also ensures that taxes and utility bills are paid, so that there is no hindrance in the functioning of the office.
  • He also designs the policies of the company as per the changing industry trends.
  • He ensures that there is enough supply of medical equipment available in the clinic, and orders the equipment as per the requirement. This requires him to deal with suppliers. He also has to maintain record of all the transactions.


The salary of a dental office manager is influenced by plenty of factors like place of work, experience, and also the state of work. The average annual salary is around $52,000. For freshmen the salary is around $30,000, which increases gradually with experience. The profit earned by the hospital determines the salary to a huge extent. Some managers are also entitled to get a monthly and yearly bonus. Thus, there are no perfect salary figures for the manager, and we have only provided the average amount the manager is usually entitled to earn.


The resume is very important in the job hunt and thus designing an effective resume is essential. A resume needs to be carried by the candidate for any job interview, and it is a brief documentation of the professional journey of the candidate. The design of the resume should be kept as professional as possible and the language should be formal and to the point. Here’s a sample.

Address, Phone, Email ID

Objective: The objective is generally a one line description of the career goal, and should be catchy enough for the recruiters. (E.g.: Ambitious and hardworking manager seeks position as a dental office manager, in an organization that provides a challenging work environment.)

Skills: In the skills field you need to list your key skills and strengths as a person.

Work Experience: The work experience is a brief documentation of your past work experience and should ideally include your past employer’s name and your key tasks there.

Educational Details: List your graduation school here. The grades or GPA can also be mentioned, but is not a necessity.

Personal Details: You can mention your date of birth under this section.

Reference: If you have got recommendation of someone at a high position you can mention the name of that person here, along with his/her post.

This was the job description of the dental office manager in brief. For success as one, effective communication, computer and negotiation skills are a must.

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