Dealing with Stress at Work

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Dealing with Stress at Work

Stress at work has become a root cause of ailments of mild to severe consequences. It is estimated that 6 million sick leaves are attributed to stress related ailments, in US alone! Hence, it is imperative that you learn dealing with work stress, if you do not wish to be the latest victim of it. Here are some ways of dealing with stress at work.

These days almost every job involves some amount of stress. Many minor ailments such as cold and flu are highly attributable to stress at work. However, work place stress becomes a major problem if it leads to disorders like heart diseases, high blood pressure etc. Actually, it is not stress that takes toll on our health, but it is our reaction to it that makes it worrisome. Hence, if your job involves too much of stress, then the only way to combat it is by learning how to deal with stress at work. Changing a job won’t really help, because every job involves stress and unless and until you learn the correct ways of tackling it, you won’t truly relieve yourself off stress.

Begin Your Day in Right Spirit

Most people are stressed out even before they reach workplace. Getting kids ready for school, completing the household chores, combating traffic, enduring road rage etc., stress you out and make you more vulnerable to reactions. To avoid this, organize your morning time properly and make sure you leave early for the office and that too with a positive attitude. Right spirit will smoothly get you out of stressful situations and reduce the ill-effects of stress to a great extent.

Know What is Expected Out of You

Most stressful situations arise because people are not aware of what exactly is expected from them. They are not clear about the requirements of their work. Such situations can be avoided by discussing the issue with your superiors. Knowing ‘how much of work is enough’ is very important in organizing your time and work and thereby beating stress.

Avoid Conflicts

Do not indulge is any kind of gossip and get yourself involved in any controversy. Such situations of conflict can not only disturb your emotional balance, but also hamper your reputation in the office. Similarly, keep away from people who have a nasty habit of picking up arguments. Do not assert your religious or political views in an aggressive manner.

Create Comfortable Working Conditions

You won’t realize this, but uncomfortable working environment can make you all the more vulnerable to stress. Even the pattern of your chair, the height of your desk etc. matter a lot in your productivity and your ability to cope with stress. Hence, make sure your cubicle is equipped with all the necessary and comfortable things, so as to make your work a pleasurable affair.

Avoid Multitasking

Some people may vouch that multitasking helps you utilize your time effectively and thereby increases your productivity, but the truth is that, although multitasking helps you complete more tasks in less time, it does affect the quality of task. Moreover, it makes you flustered and irritable and decreases your concentration. Hence, it is best to avoid multitasking unless it is must.

Increase Your Tolerance Levels

This is the most important and the most effective way of dealing with job stress. Learn to be more patient and tolerant towards others. Do not yell at your subordinates in the office and kids at home, it won’t help you in any way. Instead, forgive and forget minor offenses of people around you, control your anger and keep your calm in all the circumstances.

Don’t Say Yes When You Want to Say No

This is the problem most people face. Think of the times you end up taking commitments when you actually wanted to refuse them. Avoid fulfilling unreasonable demands of colleagues or superiors, if you think they can lead to stress. Do not hesitate to say ‘No’ under all the justifiable circumstances.


Relaxing your mind and body not only acts as stress reliever but also increases your productivity. Take some time off work, switch off your phone and just sit quietly in your chair for a few minutes. Similarly, while driving home listen to your favorite music to soothe your nerves. Music is the best way of relieving stress and attaining mental peace.

Stress in little amounts is actually beneficial for your productivity. It creates a competitive environment at the workplace for the employees. However, it should not exceed the limit where it becomes a cause of mental and physical illness of the individual.

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