Dangerous Jobs that Pay Well

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Dangerous Jobs that Pay Well

The following write-up provides information on dangerous jobs that pay well. What makes these jobs dangerous are the harmful and risky conditions of employment.

It is not that the most dangerous jobs are not at all remunerative. There are some career opportunities which can be tagged as dangerous jobs that pay well enough for the worker to live a respectable life.

Along with an acceptable amount of per annum salary, these jobs that pay well are mostly associated with improper and risky working conditions.

The Most Dangerous Jobs that Pay Well

Crab Fishermen
This is considered the most dangerous job in the USA. According to a survey conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the death rate of people working in this job was around 5,500 in the year 2007 alone. Crab fishermen have to work in freezing cold waters, away from land, and in the most difficult weather situations. They normally work continuously for about 21 hours a day, which can be understood as extremely tiresome. However, the per annum pay of crab fishermen falls somewhere around $60,000, which is not that bad.

Approx. $60,000

Oil Rig Workers
The oil and petroleum industry is ever booming. The salary of oil rig workers can range from $60,000 to a significant $100,000. However, you need to note that these workers have to work for about 12 hours a day, and may have to stay for days in the middle of the sea. They have to face unexpected and tough weather conditions, and also have to deal with complicated machinery in the sea.

Approx. $60,000 to $100,000

Elevator Mechanics
This is one job that requires a lot of physical work. Elevator mechanics have to carry out repair and maintenance tasks of elevators and related equipment in awkward working situations. During work, there is a risk of getting an electric shock, falling from heights, or something going wrong with the elevator when repairing. Their work may even expose them to dust and allergens, leading to occupational hazards. Coming to the remuneration side, elevator mechanics receive a per annum pay of approximately $68,000.

Approx. $68,000

Iron Workers
Iron workers have a high rate of average fatality per year. They have to work in unfavorable working and weather conditions. The job involves carrying out tasks at heights, which can be very dangerous, though they have effective safety equipment. But things can go wrong at times. Iron workers can earn a good amount of salary which starts from $60,000 to even $80,000 per annum. Most of the earnings come through contract work for which they get paid on an hourly basis.

Approx. $60,000 to $80,000

Mining Mechanics
Mining workers have to do their tasks underground and in uncomfortable conditions. They have to work in cramped settings where there is low light and air. They run a risk of being crushed under rocks. However, the mining sector is taking appropriate steps to improve the working conditions of their workers. Generally, a mining mechanic can draw an annual salary of around $46,000.

Approx. $46,000

A job as a pilot is more risky than dangerous. Pilots have to be really careful while flying a plane. The most difficult task for pilots is taking off and landing of a plane. In addition, a pilot must ensure that all instruments, flight controls, and engines work properly before a take off. Even a small mistake can make things worse. Keeping aside the risks involved in this airline job, pilots earn a median per annum salary of approximately $120,000; depending on the employer and the type of airplane.

Approx. $120,000

Other High Paying Dangerous Jobs

Armed Forces
Joining the Armed Forces can make for an interesting but highly dangerous career choice. These individuals are respected and earn attractive incomes, however, being a part of the armed forces means that you can be posted anywhere in the world. Risk of death, injury, as well as psychological harm make this one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.

Approx. $60,000

Electrical Line Repairer
Also known as a journeyman lineman, electrical power line repairers people who repair broken power lines. The individuals usually have to work in adverse conditions, as most power line breaks are caused by storms or inclement weather. They have to climb electric poles as part of their work, and their job has no fixed timing. For working in such a hazardous job, electrical power line repairers are paid well.

Approx. $55,000 to $85,000

Truck Driver
While driving a truck might not seem a dangerous job, this occupation is not as simple as it sounds. Truck drivers have to drive huge trucks, 18-wheel rigs, across the country in all weather conditions. Driving huge vehicles across various terrain, and in all weather conditions is what qualifies this as one of the most dangerous jobs to apply for.

Approx. $30,000 to $75,000

Police Officer
The job profile of a police officer includes hunting down and apprehending criminals. They also have to patrol the streets and stop violence, and help in keeping the peace. A police officer may have to use force if necessary to keep innocent people from getting hurt. There are high changes of him being shot at or getting injured in the line of duty.

Approx. $50,000

Fishing Vessel Deckhand
Fishing, or rather commercial fishing, remains the most dangerous job of them all. Fishermen have to brave the high seas, and bad weather every time they go out to sea. Fishing vessel deckhands are usually on the deck helping with the catch, in very precarious conditions. Storms, or even just the huge waves pose a great risk to these individuals while they are performing their job.

Approx. $48,000

A roofer is someone who either lays or repairs the roof of structures. The risk in this job comes from the fact that they are on the roof subject to slippery surfaces and strong winds. Much of their work involves the use of ladders for accessing the roofs, and falling off the roof or from the ladders is a major cause of the injuries in this career.

Approx. $40,000

Submarine Cook
One of the highest paid jobs, the work of a submarine cook is also a dangerous one. Cooking for the people of the submarine, and that too at great depths, is something not everyone wants to do. The job also means that you will be underwater, in a submarine, for extended periods of time.

Approx. $175,000

Pearl Diver
As with all diving and underwater jobs, the job of a pearl diver too is rewarding but highly dangerous. Diving in untested waters may pose various risks for such divers. These divers are usually paid daily, depending on the paying capacity of the people who avail their services.

Approx. $1000 per day

Bounty Hunter
Bounty hunters are those people who track down fugitives who have skipped bail and bring them back into custody. This means that the people they are tracking are criminals and mostly ruthless and dangerous. Bounty hunters get paid well (a commission on the bail amount) but this income comes with the dangers of being shot at and hunted themselves.

Approx. $100,000

Construction Laborer
Construction laborers are those people who assist in construction projects. They are the one who provide all the manual labor that gets the construction ready. Usually, they have little to no safety equipment, and have to work in hazardous conditions to earn their living.

Approx. $35,000

These are some careers that are believed to be the most dangerous jobs that pay well. Amongst the above mentioned, a job as a crab fishermen is considered to be one of the most dangerous jobs in America, with a good amount of pay.

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