Customs Broker Salary

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Customs Broker Salary

Customs brokers are said to earn an average salary of USD 45,000 annually. However, this figure may differ based on factors such as location and experience. Here’s a look into how these factors may affect these figures.

The main job of a customs broker is to act as a middleman in the process of sending the goods or products to their planned destinations by clearing them through the customs formalities on the behalf of the clients who are importing and exporting them. There are many customs agencies, large importers and exporters who employ customs brokers to execute their transactions in an organized manner.

By gaining considerable experience, you can shift your career to managerial jobs. There are many brokers who have started their own ventures or have become business partners with established importers and exporters. Most of the work of is at the receiving ports. However, people eager to make a career as a one should understand that the salaries can fluctuate based on the demand for imports and exports among different countries.

Salary Details

A customs broker’s salary, depend on factors such as experience, company in which you are working, your location of job, etc.

  • As per a survey, the average custom broker salaries have been around USD 45,000.
  • Those who are freshmen or under training earn anything in between USD 20,000 and USD 25,000.
  • Those with experience between two to five years can expect to earn anything between USD 30,000 to USD 45,000.
  • Highly experienced and skilled brokers can earn more than USD 100,000.

How to Become One

For becoming a customs broker, the educational requirement is that the candidates should have completed secondary school or have a high school diploma. The first step will be visiting the United States Customs and Border Protection website and check out all the information about the eligibility criteria. You can find an online training course to increase your knowledge and prepare well for the Customs Broker License Examination.

Locate the port where you would love to work and submit your application form to the port, well in advance by paying the fees. If you clear the exam, you will get a letter from the institution after which you can immediately apply for a license. The letter issued to you is valid for three years only. Once the United States Customs and Border Patrol agency issues you the license, you can start working and earn well.

Tasks Performed

  • They help to process shipments in time through the customs by clearing the goods
  • They file the information in an electronic way with CBP
  • Providing consulting services
  • Freight forwarding
  • They play a vital role in the trade compliance programs

Important Duties

  • Preparing the important documents for import and export of goods on behalf of the clients by following the customs rules and regulations
  • Using the power of attorney to sign the documents on behalf of the clients
  • They can quote the price for the customs duty and tax rates
  • They are actively involved in arranging for storage and transportation charges on goods, bonds for covering the dutiable goods and payment of the duties and taxes
  • Guiding clients on the lines of insurance of goods and about the laws which restrict imports and exports
  • Representing the clients in government offices

Advantages of Becoming One

  • The salary has shown a rising trend, since the past few years, due to the growing demand for their services
  • A customs broker license adds weight to your resume and opens up bright future career prospects
  • No college attendance is required to get the license and the tuition fees are easily affordable
  • With the license you can either work in a brokerage firm or be your own boss by starting a business or consultancy agency

In the United States of America, you can get jobs in Chicago, New York-Manhattan, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Miami as per some job surveys. If you have the skills set needed for this career, you will definitely go a long way in a relatively short period.

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