Customer Service Cover Letter

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Customer Service Cover Letter

Writing a customer service cover letter is no different from the letter writing learned at school. Take a few tips from how to write cover letters and attach a powerful CV to it, to win the job of your dreams.

A customer service cover letter is meant for applying for the job a customer service person. The format and structure of this cover letter, is similar to what we were taught way back in school. There aren’t many significant deviations in the format this cover letter as compared to other letters. It is the writing style that makes it worth all the effort. There are different types of cover letters depending on the applications you make. However, this type of cover letter is written to the human resource department of a company.

Writing Cover Letters
This cover letter, must have the name and address of the applicant on the top most right corner of the page, with a date below it. On the left corner, the name, post, and the address of the addressee should be mentioned. Next comes the salutation, which will be exactly below the details of the addressee. The first paragraph of the cover letter will be used to establish your identity to the reader. Write about what you know about the company and how your qualifications and experiences are best suited for the company. The next paragraph, will be the body of the company. This paragraph should mention your aim, achievements, your strategies if given the job and your objectives. In the third and the last paragraph, thank the reader for reading your letter.

Customer Service Letter Templates

Your Name

Name of the Addressee
Post of the addressee

Salutation (dear, respected),

After many years of experience in the field of (name of the field), I am at a position to say that I have gained substantial knowledge and expertise. For (number of years) I have been providing (job description/name of the service) service at (name of the company).

The extent of my knowledge goes beyond the theoretical concepts of (name of the fields/concepts/areas of expertise). This has allowed to me to reap benefits in the forms of (list of achievements) over (numbers of years).

Ideally, this position will allow me to amalgamate the values and knowledge gained by me in my foundation years to capitalize on the opportunity provided by your organization for its growth. Thank you for reading my letter. Looking forward to a personal interview.


Your Name

Customer Service Cover Letter Samples

Hamilton Road, 24060
(546) 555-1010
February 14, 2007

Human Resource, Vibgyor School
1205 James Street
Vienna, SE 12344

Dear Todd Holmes,

I am writing this letter with a view to covey my expertise to you regarding the job vacancy at your institution. I have attended your Family and Child Development seminar on teaching young children. Honestly, I appreciate your personal inputs about helping children attend school for the first time. I will be completing my Bachelor of Science Degree in Family and Child Development with a major in Early Childhood Education at Columbia in May of 2007, and will be available for employment at that time.

The teacher preparation program at Columbia University includes, a holistic and in-depth analysis of student teaching. I have been teaching students of fourth and eighth grade since last semester. My experience with the students has taught me:

  • To develop lesson plans on spectrum of topics.
  • It has helped me understand the need to design customized plans for every student.
  • Teaching has given me the opportunity to imbibe the importance of challenges in a student’s life.
  • My students and me have successfully achieved pre-determined targets and goals.
  • Lastly, teaching has enabled me to be an ardent student again, and provided me the opportunity to learn again.

Since my early academic career I have been associated with children very closely as my parents having running a school for the past 10 years. I sincerely believe, that I will be able to increase your customer base by adding my values to your institutions. Having dealt with parents and children for a decade now, I am confident to say that I have it in me to look after the customers (parents) and children too. Looking forward to working with you. You can contact me at 123456. Thank you for your consideration.

Yours Sincerely,
(handwritten signature)

Joanne Kingston

A cover letter should be clear, concise, correct, and clean. After all, letter writing is a type of non-verbal communication which becomes your representative. Put a little thought into it, to make it the best that you can.

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