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Curriculum Vitae Template

Curriculum Vitae Template

Making a resume or curriculum vitae is not as intimidating as it seems. Here is a template that will provide a guideline in making a successful curriculum vitae.
Madhura Pandit
A curriculum vitae or the CV is a document containing the summary or information about a person's personal information (name, address, contact number), educational qualifications and work experience. It is an essential document required for job interviews in all the fields. Although resume and curriculum vitae (CV) are used interchangeably, they differ in certain aspects like the size! A resume is usually short and contains only relevant information on educational qualifications and work experience. On the other hand, a curriculum vitae is much longer with detailed information about one's educational qualifications as well as work experience. Even non relevant work experience is mentioned in a curriculum vitae. Before taking a look at the template, let us know more on tips to write a CV.

Curriculum Vitae Format

One should note that the CV is the first impression about the person that the employer gets and hence, it should simply be perfect! The language used in CV or resume writing is usually formal and it is wise to keep it that way. Even if you are using creative styles and formats, the aspects of the resume or the things that are required to mention remain the same. The following are the contents of a curriculum vitae or the CV.
  • Name, complete address, contact number and e-mail ID
  • Educational qualifications (all the diploma and degree acquired along with the name of the university)
  • Information about all the previous work experience, (job title, name of the company, tenure of working)
  • Extra curricular activities / sports / other known skills or languages
  • Special awards / honors received during education or working.
Apart from these above mentioned points, all the relevant and non relevant previous work experiences need to be mentioned in the curriculum vitae. Educational qualifications and work experience is always written in a descending order, i.e., the highest educational qualification is written first while the others in descending order. Same is the case with the work experience. The most recent or last previous experience is written at the top followed by the others.

Blank Resume Template
(full name)
(complete address)
(contact number)
(Date of Birth)

(Highest Degree in Education)
(Second Highest Degree in Education)
(Schooling and other educational qualification)

(Immediate previous work experience)
(Job title)
(Address of the organization)
Tenure of working)

(2nd work experience)
(Job title)
(Address of the organization)
(Tenure of working)

(Non relevant work experience)
(Job title)
(Tenure of working)

(2nd Non relevant work experience)
(Job title)
(Tenure of working)

(Languages known)
(Computer knowledge)
(Positive personal traits)
(Extra curricular activities undertaken at any age)
Awards and Honors

(All the awards, honors, certificates won)

Writing a resume once or twice will make you perfect with it and you may not require help the next time. One of the other aspect of a resume where most people get stuck are the skills. Lastly, if references are to be mentioned, mention those of any previous employer, business partner, etc. who can produce a reference letter on demand.

I hope this template was helpful to you to chalk out your own CV or resume. As a concluding note, remember that the CV is your first impression for the job and the first impression should simply be the best! Good luck!