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Cover Letter Template for Teaching Position

Cover Letter Template for Teaching Position
If you're planning to apply for a teaching job a good cover letter is a must. To write a good cover letter template for teaching position, this article will provide guidelines and samples for the same.
Sujata Iyer
You've finally come across your dream teaching job and need to apply for it ASAP. However, there's a catch. They will only accept your application if it is accompanied by an appropriate cover letter. You're not really sure of how to do it? Don't worry. This article will help you with a cover letter template for teaching position and also give you some effective writing tips to ensure that you land your dream job!

How to Write a Cover Letter
  • Format: The format is generally similar to the cover letters for other professions. It follows the same basic format of date, name, & address, salutation, body, and end salutation.
  • Language: Since it is an academic cover letter, you can use the kind of language that is best suited to the profession. This does not mean going over the top with flowery language. Be clear, correct, and concise.
  • Grammar and Punctuation: Beware! Well established academicians will be reading your letter. It is quite possible that they will decide whether to grant you an interview or not, based on your writing skills. So make sure your grammar and punctuation is perfect. It is an occupational trait for them to look out for tiny mistakes like these. So get your cover letter proofread by another person if you have to.
  • Stationery: The importance of using good quality stationery in formal or business writing cannot be stressed enough. Just keep in mind a possible worst case scenario. What if the person reading your letter were to accidentally spill something on it or it falls down and gets crumpled like trash. Good paper and good ink will save it from too much damage.
  • Print vs Handwritten: While some people feel that handwritten letters give a personal touch, professional writing calls for a printed cover letter. Most institutes even mention what format, font type, and size they expect in order to maintain uniformity.
A Template

Name and designation of addressee (Make sure you have the correct spelling and designation)
Address of addressee
Salutation (Use the appropriate title)

This is the first paragraph of the cover letter. In this paragraph, you must give a brief introduction of yourself followed by the purpose of writing the letter. Mention what position you're applying for and where you got to know about the availability of the position. If it's a newspaper, mention the name and date when you saw the advertisement. If it's through a mutual contact, mention the name and designation of the person too.

In the second paragraph, mention your educational qualifications together with your current or previous experience in the teaching profession. Highlight any special events or committees that you may have headed. Also explain why you think you are suitable for said position.

In the concluding paragraph, express interest in being called for an interview. Provide your contact details as well. End by thanking the addressee for reading your letter.

End Salutation


A Sample

123 Street,
Zip Code

QSD Lane,
Zip Code

Dear Mr.XYZ

My name is LMN and I'm writing this letter in response to the advertisement about the vacancy of a lecturer's position in (mention department) at the (name of institute). I came across the ad on the (name of newspaper) in (date of advertisement) and immediately knew that I would be perfect for this job.

I have completed my degree in (mention degree with year) and also a doctorate in (mention field) in 2000. After obtaining my doctorate, I have been working as a professor in the (mention department) at the (name of institution). I have also been the head of the (name of club or committee) since the past 5 years. I have gained immensely enriching experience as a teacher. I have evolved as an academician and as a person throughout my experience. And I am eager to exhibit and utilize this experience at (name of institute).

I would much appreciate being considered for this esteemed position at your prestigious institute. My contact details have been mentioned towards the end. Feel free to contact me anytime regarding any other information that you might require me to furnish you with.

Thanking you,

Contact no.:1234567890

Enclosures: Resume

I hope this article with the template and sample has given you some tips on how to write your own. So write an impressive cover letter and I'm sure you'll get the job you deserve.